Searcher – Demo

19?? (no label)
(unknown location)

  1. We Who Believe
  2. Eternal Destiny
  3. Rock of Our Soul

Don’t know much about this band – all I have it what is printed on the tape label. This may or may not be the same band that went by Sercher and released one album (Exodus) in 1994. I have never heard that one. This band plays a mix of traditional power metal with slight thrash leanings here and there. The mix is a bit rough, but still not bad for a demo. No idea of the date, either – this is definitely 80s metal, but as we all know there were many Christian bands playing this style well into the 90s. I also found mention of a review of a 1991 demo by a band called Searcher in Heaven’s Metal magazine from Jan/Feb 1992 – might be the same band, but I don’t have the actual magazine to confirm. But that website does connect this demo with the Sercher band of 1994, so maybe?

Missing Information: Who played on this, year of release, location, really anything.