Seventh Seal – Ruff Draff

Seventh Seal
Ruff Draff
1986 (no label)
Palmdale, California, USA

David Cassells – Lead Vocals
J.R. Montgomery – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, BGVs
Melvin Booker – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Shawn Montgomery – Bass, BGVs
Sylvester Hearns – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Back on Track
  2. Never Loved
  3. I.A.

Side 2:

  1. Interview

The debut single from Seventh Seal proves that their second demo Ruff Draff Too was no fluke. Apparently they had signed to Blonde Vinyl Records to record a full length album, but weren’t able to once the label folded. Too bad – their two demos showcase a very hot band that could shred and write catchy songs. This tape also captures an interview with the band on side two that tells you more about where the band came from (they saw themselves as a Pro-American band more than a Christian band, but also were not shy in saying they are Christians when asked).

Seventh Seal – Ruff Draff Too

Seventh Seal
Ruff Draff Too
1989 (no label)
Palmdale, California, USA

Side 1:

  1. Fire

Side 2:

  1. Can’t Stop Believing
  2. Purged

Yowza! I think my tape deck caught on fire playing this blazing nugget of metal! Seventh Seal had the talent, the charisma, the skill, and the song writing chops to go far. The word is that they were signed to Blonde Vinyl back in the day, but the label folded before they recorded. Kind of sad imagining what could have been. This is the second of two 3-song demos (the first one was called just Ruff Draff). The band is pretty much commercial metal, but man are they good. There are a few videos online that showcase how they also had a great live show. The track list on the cover was a bit off. Also, they randomly put one track on side one, and two tracks on side 2, and then tried to put “Fire” at the end of side 2 but the tape cuts off after 20 seconds or so.

Missing Information: Who played on this?