Virginia Creeper – Power Down in the Fun House

Virginia Creeper
Power Down in the Fun House
1992 Spinnin’ Suzy Records
Farmingville, New York, USA

CROSS – Lead vocals, background vocals
Andy Cryson – All guitars, background vocals
Scott DeLaney – Bass, background vocals
Billy Dee – Drums, background vocals

  1. Talking to the Night
  2. Don’t You Cry Now
  3. Crazy Boy
  4. Or So the Wind Says

This is one of most glammy glam metal demos I think I have ever heard. The band definitely looks the part in their photo. In many ways, this reminds me of a mix of Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd (the US one). But probably leaning towards the Pretty Boy Floyd side, in that Virginia Creeper also tries so hard to be glam that you kind of wonder if they went too far. If you like this type of music, however, it is really good for what it is. The pattern on this demo is: rock song, ballad, rock song, ballad. The cover is a bit odd – even for glam metal bands. It seems to be just a close up pic of one of the band member’s hairy stomachs? Not much appealing about that, and I can’t recall any other glam metal bands back in the day highlighting that part of their body. This demo was out in 1992, and hair metal of all kinds was dead as far as the music listening world cared at that point… sadly.