Stephen Pietraszek – At Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Stephen Pietraszek
At Twilight’s Last Gleaming
1991 Recovery Records (RRC1-456)
Buffalo, New York, USA

Denny Bouschard – Synthesizers
Mike Caputy – Drums, bongos, cowbell, shaker
Bill Hinds – Rhythm, lead guitars
Bobby Jones – Piano, Organ
Tonio K – Chant vocals on track 1
David Kane – Synth effect on track 2
Jerry Livingstone – Bass
Bill Ludwig – Bass on track 2
David Mansfield – Rhythm guitar, violin
Tony Miranda – Congas, symbols, tubular bells, tympani, timbales
Joe Rozler – Chant vocals, background vocals, harmonies
Doug Thorton – Harmonica

  1. Our Children’s Children
  2. Every Will is Done

Interesting two track tape – a long list of players (including Tonio K) and extensive linear notes with many quotes from all kinds of thinkers and writers. All of that for two songs? Well, two very excellent songs. I am assuming that Stephen is the singer – he is credit as songwriter and also for multiple jobs on the recording side…. But not listed as doing anything. Guess it was assumed? The first song starts off with a bunch of chanting and samples, making you wonder if this will be a spoken word or experimental album, but soon the music kicks in. I would say that Tonio K is a good musical comparison as well. Not that he sounds like Tonio K, but Stephen’s music is quirky guitar-based rock that leans towards the alternative side of things more than the rock side, but is catchy enough that some people label it pop. Overall, a well put together album – but for all of the effort put into the two songs, I can’t find any information about it online.