Steve Butler – Waving and Drowning

Steve Butler
Waving and Drowning
1983 Sticky Music (GUM 007)
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Steve Butler – Lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, background vocals
Graeme Duffin – Guitars and background vocals
Stuart R. Duffin – Bass
Malcolm Duffin – Drums and percussion

Side 1:

  1. Waving and Drowning
  2. Time and Tide (A Love Lost)
  3. Sunk in London
  4. Back in France
  5. Child’s Tears

Side 2:

  1. Checkout Girls
  2. Head and Heart
  3. Seasoned with Your Love
  4. Gonna Fly
  5. Best is Still to Come

I thought I had this one, then I realized I didn’t, so I went looking for it online and found the remastered version up on BandCamp! Steve Butler has an incredibly robust background in the UK Christian Music scene, as he was/is a member of Lies Damned Lies and also one of the founders of Sticky Music label. His musical resume is pretty impressive. This album was – I think – his second solo release. I have seen this album labeled pop, soft rock, and rock – it certainly floats around that general area. To my ears, there are some slight alternative leanings as well, but not enough to be called alternative rock. Early adult alternative pop is probably more accurate. A solid release that is now available online for all to hear.