Sticker – Sticker

1983 (no label)
Federal Way, Washington, USA

Claude Leslie Carlsen – Vocals
Joyce Macek Carlsen – Vocals
John Agostino – Drums
Bill Hardy – Bass
Gene Hubbard – Keyboards
John Morton – Guitars

Side 1:

  1. Somebody Special
  2. I’m a Rocker
  3. Surprise

Side 2:

  1. Thin Ice
  2. Mushrooms in the Sky

This is an awesome slice of 80s New Wave/Rock. Someone pointed out on Facebook that this was Les Carlsen of Bloodgood fame with his wife Joyce before he joined Bloodgood. I had noticed this tape in the collection that I am currently digitizing, but had set it aside for other tapes because I wasn’t sure what it was. As soon as I heard it was Les, I moved it to the front of the stack. Glad I did – I love this tape (also on vinyl I see). “Somebody special” starts off with a good new wave sound. “I’m a Rocker” is almost borderline hard rock, but the synths are pretty directly influenced by The Cars. “Surprise” is back to new wave, “Thin Ice” is back to near hard rock, and “Mushrooms in the Sky is new wave with a slight reggae influence (like many new wave bands did back in the day). Les and Joyce trade off lead vocals on different songs, while providing background vocals on the other tracks. Only five songs, and I am not sure if this is a Christian release or not… but I really don’t care. Underground albums like this just prove why the 80s were so awesome.