Surrender 18 – Surrender 18

Surrender 18
Surrender 18
1990 (no label)
Bedminster, New Jersey, USA

Dave Urbanski – Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, feedback guitar, vocals
Jeff Van Ness – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Keith Wittel – Bass guitar, vocals
Tom Cannarella – Drums, percussion, vocals

  1. Circle of Seven
  2. Lyngillian
  3. To Begin Again
  4. A Prayer for You
  5. Springtime Eternity
  6. Inside My Heart
  7. The Only One

Surrender 18 was an alternative rock band with some slight gothic/dark leanings, as well as some punk rock intensity here and there in the music. “Inside My Heart” sounds like a mixture of early Prayer Chain and early Breakfast with Amy – even though it’s still a little too early in the 90s for that. Inspired by the same bands that inspired those two? I’m not sure based on the way members are listed who sung lead vocals, or even if it was a shared duty. It sounds like mostly the same person to me. They also have at least one other demo – 1992’s Modern Dreams. I wonder if the Dave Urbanski of this band is the same one writing for The Blaze now? Hopefully not – the guy writing for The Blaze is… problematic.

Surrender 18 – Modern Dreams

Surrender 18
Modern Dreams
1992 (no label)
Bedminster, New Jersey, USA

R. Thomas Cannarella – Drums
Dave Urbanski – Electric guitar, vocals
Jeff Van Ness – Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals
Keith Wittel – Bass, vocals

  1. Goin’ Down in Flames
  2. Wake
  3. Grey Tears
  4. Into the Whirlwind

Second demo I have heard from this band – both of them doing 90s alternative rock. Their previous demo from 1990 was a lot more non-descript than this one. There is a bit more swagger and personality this time around. Can’t find much out there about this band, so I am not sure if there are any more demos than these two.