Industrial Evolution

Industrial Evolution
2020 Retroactive Records

The Bumpus Hounds

Eric Shirley – Vocals and lyrics
Oatmeal – Instruments and music
Wally Shaw – Recorded, produced, engineered, and wrote “Sanctuary” (as Icon Tack)
MC White E – Guest appearance on “Temple”
Stephen Wagers – Guest appearance on “Temple”

Primary Censor

Eric Shirley – Vocals
Matt Wright – Guitar, programming
Chris Spoonts – Bass, programming
Stuart Lillard – Drums
Jay Vollentine – Programming
Mark Dufour – Drums


Eric Shirley – Vocals
Matt Wright – Guitars
Richie Laxton – Keyboards, drums


Matt Wright – Vocals, Guitars, instruments

Disc One:

  1. The Bumpus Hounds – World’s End
  2. The Bumpus Hounds – Blind Hate
  3. The Bumpus Hounds – Temple
  4. The Bumpus Hounds – Thrown Away
  5. The Bumpus Hounds – Sanctuary
  6. The Bumpus Hounds – Sanctuary (instrumental)
  7. The Bumpus Hounds – Thrown Away (X-Propagation Re-tool 1993)
  8. Primary Censor – Judgmental
  9. Primary Censor – Negative
  10. Primary Censor – False
  11. Primary Censor – Splinter
  12. Primary Censor – Arsen
  13. Primary Censor – See
  14. Primary Censor – Silence
  15. Primary Censor – Intro
  16. Primary Censor – Subtly
  17. Primary Censor – Circle
  18. Primary Censor – Artificial Heart
  19. Primary Censor – Silence
  20. Primary Censor – Judgmental

Disc Two:

  1. Coarse – Quiet
  2. Abstain – Release
  3. Abstain – Control
  4. Abstain – Whispers
  5. Abstain – Neuroplasticity
  6. Abstain – Recollections
  7. Abstain – Isolationism
  8. Abstain – Osmosis
  9. Abstain – Indyanna

Yes, this is a new CD. But it is also a collection of demos from back in the day, so of course I had to have it. The Bumpus Hounds and their awesome brand of metal/industrial on The Pit Dug for the Wicked has already been covered here. Two Bumpus Hounds bonus tracks have been dug up here: an instrumental of “Sanctuary” and a re-working of “Thrown Away” by Brent Stackhouse of X-Propagation/Deitiphobia fame. This compilation basically covers how different bands evolved out of The Bumpus Hounds. Primary Sensor was an Austin-area industrial metal band That Eric Surrey formed after The Bumpus Hounds. They produced three demos of some killer industrial metal that gained some attention around the Austin area. A few years after that, Shirey was approached to do a song for a compilation and the result was the band Coarse (with Primary Sensor guitarist Matt Wright joining him on guitar). Wright was also approached to do a song, so he contributed one song from his new project  Abstain. There were a few other experimental Abstain songs that were added to this comp here as well. The entire 2-CD release from Retroactive Records is a great archive of early to mid 90s industrial metal, so you really should grab a copy of you haven’t yet from Boone’s Overstock.

The Bumpus Hounds – The Pit Dug for the Wicked

The Bumpus Hounds
The Pit Dug for the Wicked
1990 fff Music
Cedar Park, Texas, USA

Eric Shirley – Vocals and lyrics
Oatmeal – Instruments and music

Wally Shaw – Recorded, produced, engineered, and wrote “Sanctuary” (as Icon Tack)
MC White E – Guest appearance on “Temple”
Stephen Wagers – Guest appearance on “Temple”

  1. World’s End
  2. Blind Hate
  3. Temple
  4. Thrown Away
  5. Sanctuary

This is yet another project involving Oatmeal (Red Ink / Tone Deaf / etc). This one also pulls in Wally Shaw of Deitiphobia fame. The sound is guitar-centered industrial with heavy riffs, fast beats, samples, and distorted vocals that are often shouted or whispered. “Temple” is a killer song that features Wally… errrr…. “MC White E” on one of his few appearances. This was a SLAVA Music release before they joined with Blonde Vinyl, so it mentions asking for a SLAVA catalog. Wish I could still find one of those catalogs! The sound was also compared to Godflesh, or even Ministry meets Deitiphobia. I can see that. Apparently this act was signed to Blonde Vinyl at one point, but an album never materialized, unfortunately. Icon Tack is also briefly mentioned on this tape, as the song “Sanctuary” was apparently an Icon Tack song at first. Icon Tack was also Wally Shaw – it was originally a project called Sanctus that changed names to Icon Tack. There was also a demo tape at one time, and Icon Tact was also supposed to release an album called Clean on Blonde Vinyl. That never happened, but some or all of that project morphed into Deitiphobia’s Clean album a few years later. All of this “could have been” stuff is kind of sad.