The Circumsized – Products of Rebellion

The Circumsized
Products of Rebellion
198? (no label)

Houston, Texas, USA

Oatmeal – vocals and/or instruments(?)
Chaz – vocals and/or instruments(?)

  1. Mommy’s Little Racist
  2. Sin Equals Death
  3. Where’s the Way Out?
  4. [the evils of tv]
  5. Blow Up Your Television Set
  6. [phone message]

This is fast and intense skate punk from Oatmeal and Chaz of Red Ink. I’m not sure of the date, but this was on the Tone Deaf tape with all of the other Oatmeal side bands, but this one was referred to as an older band. You got to love a band that casually states “One Bad Pig eat your heart out” in the middle of a song. I’m not sure who played what, and I’m not even sure who this Chaz is that Oatmeal said was in Red Ink. This is basically 4 songs, with a sermon/discussion about the evils of television for track 4, and a weird phone message for track 6. To me, it seems to be the beginnings of what became Tone Deaf (but I could be wrong). The sound is pretty in step with underground skate punk at the time (and I know Houston had a cool skate park in the 80s, so there were some legitimate connections to the style as well). Most of the song titles above are guesses based on the phrase that seemed to be repeated the most.

Missing Information: release date, who played what, actual song titles, cover art