The Elect – Demo

The Elect
198? (no label)
(unknown location)

  1. Which One Will You Choose?
  2. Stop the Killing
  3. Always There

This one came from a mixtape of songs that I also heard AotC on. The commentary on the tape said that this was the first demo of the band that had already broken up. But there was also apparently a second (better) demo? I hope to dig that up someday – while these songs are rough around the edges, they do show real promise. This is 80s alternative rock, leaning towards the heavier rock side and eschewing the cliché U2 influences so many bands had. The song titles above are my guesses as to what the track names are based on the phrases that are repeated the most. There also could be more than three songs, as this was a copy of their demo on a mixtape.

Missing Information: Band members, release date, song titles, other songs, any information really.