Conviction of Sin – Live (Godcore 3)

Conviction of Sin
Live (Godcore 3)
1989 The Furnace Room

Burrito – Vocals
Keith – Guitar
Mark Brown – Bass
Doni Daudel – Drums

Tracy G – Guitar overdubs

Side 1:

  1. Intro
  2. I Don’t Know You
  3. Your Choice
  4. No Religion
  5. S. Decay

Side 2:

  1. Revelations 3:16
  2. Human Holocaust
  3. Back to the Cross
  4. Look to God

Conviction of Sin was an early Christian Punk band that Burrito of The Warning / 8 Ball Cholos fame was in before joining Moral Majority. This tape is part of the three-part Godcore tapes that chronicled Conviction of Sin and Moral Majority. These tapes are rare and very hard to find, so I was glad to hear at least one of them. Hopefully the other two will pop up soon. At one time Burrito was going to release all of this digitally, but that didn’t seem to happen. This tape is a live concert recording, and kind of rough at that. It’s hard to hear at times, but you can mainly tell it is hardcore punk. Well, except for the intro track – it’s like a keyboard guitar solo build-up thing that bands like Stryper did. Kind of odd. Also, the first song after the intro is the only one where Burrito doesn’t say “this song is…” – so I took a guess at what its title was. But it also sounds a bit like they are maybe screaming “Derelict!” a lot as well. So maybe that is the title? The last song also cuts off halfway through.

Spike – Save the Children

Save the Children
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

Terry McCabe – Vocals, guitars

Side 1:

  1. Intro by Chris Yambar
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Writer and Singer
  4. Old or New
  5. Always by My Side
  6. Newave

Side 2:

  1. Sodom and Gomorrah
  2. Celebration Day
  3. The Song That is Never Heard

So this is the last Spike demo (that I know of) to cover for this blog. This tape is actually a live recording of an acoustic concert that Spike (aka Terry McCabe) did for the Birthright organization. It contains a spoken word intro by Chris Yambar that tells all about McCabe. There is also an insert with the tape that tells his history. This concert was recorded in 1981 but released in 1989. So it seems that all of these Furnace Room tapes were meant to get older music by Terry released to a wider audience. This concert was just McCabe and guitar, so it is interesting to hear acoustic / unplugged versions of songs like “Newave.”

Spike – Alive and Ticking

Alive and Ticking
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

Spike (Terry  McCabe) – Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar
Joe Hudek – Lead Guitar (tracks 1-5)
Mike Talanca – Bass guitar (tracks 1-5)
Jim Toti – Drums (tracks 1-5), keyboards on “Newave 82”

Lori McCabe – Acoustic guitar on “Seeking Shelter,” background vocals on “Newave 82,” voices on “Voices”
Greg Yochman – Keyboards on “Celebration Day”
Pam Talanca – Harmony vocals on “Snow Mountain”
Tom Eich – Background vocals on “Newave 82,” synth on “Silent Struggler,” bass on “In Love with the Bomb,” voices on “Voices”
Chris Yambar – Background vocals on “Newave 82,” voices on “Voices”
Billy Zalot – Trumpet
Larry Placer – Electric and acoustic guitar on “Silent Struggler”
Rick Beckett – Voices on “Voices”

Side 1:

  1. Old or New
  2. Snow Mountain
  3. New Wave ’82
  4. Seeking Shelter
  5. Celebration Day

Side 2:

  1. Sold Out
  2. Thankx
  3. In Love With the Bomb
  4. Voices
  5. The Song That’s Never Heard
  6. Silent Struggler

So this is the first demo by Spike (aka Terry McCabe). If the songs titles here sound familiar – it is because all but one of them re-appear two years later on 1991’s Asphalt Invasion. Asphalt Invasion adds a prelude and closing song both called “City Portrait.” The only song on this demo that is not on Asphalt Invasion – “Silent Struggler” – is also on 1993’s Three for All. I will need to go back and see if the songs on here are different versions of the ones on later demos – I seem to remember those being more acoustic-based, while this one has a good amount of rock, alternative, and (of course) new wave. I still love the song “New Wave” – just wish there were a lot more like it. That is not knocking the other songs – there are good songs in other styles on here as well. I would have just liked a full new wave album by Spike is all.

Update: after comparing them, I believe the songs on this tape are the same versions as the ones on Asphalt Invasion. “Silent Struggler” seems to be a similar, but slightly different version of the one later on Three for All.

Ozmathoq – Dance of the Cobra

Dance of the Cobra
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

Dan Marsh – Lead and acoustic guitars
Kevin March – Bass and backing vocals
Bob Lincoln – Lead vocals
Jim Wells – Drums and background vocals

  1. Psalms 150
  2. Psalms 8
  3. Dance of the Cobra
  4. Final Warning
  5. More Than a Hero

Ozmathoq is a bit of an odd band – pretty much a traditional metal / occasionally thrash band that ended up on labels more known for experimental alternative and noise music. They started off on Chris Yambar’s The Furnace Room label, but that was merged with Corpquii Productions and they made the switch as well. This tape was re-issued on Corpquii in 1991. The band went on hiatus in 1995, but came back and re-issued some of these songs on BandCamp ( (although I think these versions might be from a later unreleased session they did with Randy Dyer). The sound on this demo is very muddy, but they do pull off some credible metal despite that. And that is not a typo in the two song titles – they went for “Psalms” instead of “Psalm.”

Jason Underground – Under an Extra Tent

Jason Underground
Under an Extra Tent
1989 The Furnace Room
East Canton, Ohio, USA

Jason Underground – Guitar, vocals, harmonica, cover art

All songs written by Jason Underground except “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Gutherie, and “Earth Psalms” by Jerod Burger and Jason Underground

Side 1:

  1. Love Rag
  2. Earth Psalm
  3. Four Movements
  4. Me Combate
  5. This Land is Your Land
  6. Under an Extra Tent

Side 2:

  1. 6 O’clock News
  2. The Prophet
  3. Talkin’ Freedom
  4. Sweet Girl
  5. I Can’t Find No Place

Jason Underground (real name: Jason Vaugn) was somewhat well known due to some of his songs appearing on various compilations in the 1990s. He is basically a one man acoustic protest folk show that produced a number of tapes. Some of the songs on this demo were recorded live at Cornerstone, and others were recorded at a home studio. The title “song” (“Under an Extra Tent”) is actually just some chatter and not a song. Some people don’t think Jason can sing – and I guess he really can’t at many points. But it is still an interesting listen that some would find engaging. He can definitely write some interesting lyrics. I can’t find any evidence that he released any more demos until 1994 (Songs of Praise and Protest and later Live at TOM 9-4-95) – but there may be more out there that are just hard to find.