The Hounds of Heaven – Freddie’s Dead / Sinking Ship

The Hounds of Heaven
Freddie’s Dead / Sinking Ship
1990 (no label)
Oakland, California, USA

Members unknown, but possible members could include:

Nelson Di Marco – vocals
Deena Di Marco – keyboards, background vocals
Joel Pronto – guitar
Jerri Bionda – bass, lead and background vocals

  1. Freddie’s Dead
  2. Sinking Ship

Yes, this is the same band that signed to Blonde Vinyl and released Virtue & Virginity. If you have the CD and wondered what the deal was with the random hand bone art inside of it – apparently, that was a nod back to this demo. Only two songs, but both are great and neither ended up on the full length. The sound here is a bit hard to pin down, but it seems to be a mix of goth, new wave, industrial, and alternative. The main difference with their full length is that the vocals are all male, and there are no real metal sound parts like the full length occasionally had. The Di Marcos went on to form BATZZ in the Belfry, which is still active to this day. There was almost no information on the tape cover, so I have no idea who plays on this album. Some possible members are listed above.

Missing Information: who played on this?