The Italian Band – Haunting by Implication

The Italian Band
Haunting by Implication
1985 (no label)
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

John Izzard – Vocals, energy bow guitar
Mic Bickerton – Synthesizers, drum programming

Side 1:

  1. Imminent
  2. She Manifesto

Side 2:

  1. Rain on Gilboa
  2. Imminent (twilight mix)

This one is an annoying one for me – it sounds like it is some good, dark alternative. But the tape I am transferring is just mangled very bad. From what I can find online, this is called “Wow and Flutter” for some reason. I hope someone can dig up a better copy somewhere? Such is the risk of pulling out a tape that is over 30 years old – they don’t always stand up to the test of time. What I do hear sounds like some decent to good alternative that was more keyboard based than guitar based – possibly gothic in nature? Hard to tell with the tape speeding up and slowing down so much. Side one is music, while side two is an ambient instrumental and a remix of the first song with the vocals almost non-existent.

Missing: a better copy of the tape