Joe Domikaitus – The Lizard is Dead

Joe Domikaitus
The Lizard is Dead
1989 (no label)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

  1. I’ve Wasted My Life
  2. Such a Predicament
  3. I Didn’t Want
  4. God is Real, Are You Listening?
  5. My Pain
  6. Love Life
  7. Mommy Mommy
  8. Embracing Death
  9. The Lizard is Dead
  10. Message from Joe

A second full length demo by the lead singer and guitarist of The Midst after at least one other demo called My Language. This one was on side two of a demo by The Midst, so I don’t know if it ever had its own cover or not. While there is still a strong influence of horror punk on this demo, Domikaitus continues to move more into the alternative rock realm. As with the last solo demo, the drums on here are electronic, and there were no song titles given. What is listed above is my best guess.

Joe Domikaitus – My Language

Joe Domikaitus
My Language
1987 (no label)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

  1. My Language
  2. Voices in My Head
  3. Visualize Nothing
  4. Flowers on Your Grave
  5. Don’t be a Fool
  6. My Grim Reality
  7. Reconsider the Love You Pushed Aside
  8. Will It Ever End
  9. Where Were You?
  10. Their Blood Cries

This album is a solo demo from the lead singer and guitarist of The Midst. I am not sure if this was released as a separate tape with its own cover or not, but the version I have is added to the end of Side 1 of The Midst’s demo. I am also not sure if this demo was released in 1987 or 1989. Oh, and there weren’t any song names on the tape, so the titles above are guesses I took. The sound here continues the horror punk influences from The Midst, while mixing in some alternative and experimental influences. It sounds like the drums might be drum machines or programmed, so it is probably Domikaitus doing all of the music himself. There was also a second solo demo on side 2 of The Midst tape called The Lizard is Dead from 1989.

The Midst – In the Midst

The Midst
In the Midst
1987 Lizardville
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Joe Domikaitus – Vocals, guitar
Mark Bessey – Keyboard-bass
Nathan Stiffler – Drums, vocals

  1. Thoughts and Words
  2. In the Midst
  3. Empty
  4. Many Eyes Did See
  5. My Pain

This demo comes roaring out of the gate with a mix of horror punk and skate punk influences. It’s not a straight up copy of early Misfits like Rescue is on some songs, but the influences are in full force. You don’t see that much in the early Christian tape underground – Christian horror punk kind of took off much later. I also don’t know if this band went for the stage look of horror punk, either. But they sound legit on tape. The interesting thing about this tape is that I thought I was putting it in to hear five songs, but it turns out that the lead singer of the band put two full length solo albums of his on here as well (My Language and The Lizard is Dead). I will look at those separately, but it sure did change my plans to go from digitizing 5 songs to 25.