The Throes – Fall on Your World Demos

The Throes
Fall on Your World Demos
1992 (no label)

Bill Campbell – Lead vocals, guitar
Others unknown

Side 1:

  1. Say Hello
  2. Tangerine Leaves
  3. A Day in May
  4. These Words
  5. Pain of the Next
  6. Blow out the Candle
  7. Alaska
  8. Sounds Like Heaven
  9. Why Don’t You / Soul Dirge
  10. Way Too Much
  11. Where is the Fire?
  12. Noose of Trust
  13. World Weary

Side 2:

  1. Book of Life
  2. All the Flowers (unplugged)

These are demos for songs that eventually ended up on 1993’s Fall on Your World. These were on a tape with the Harold Evans solo demos (these songs were side 1 and the first two songs on side 2, followed by Evans’ demo). These are all demo versions, although some songs like “Tangerine Leaves” are pretty close to the album version. Others like “Say Hello” are noticeably different. “Way Too Much” starts off with someone in the band saying “God told me you should do some evangelical guitar-playin’” – and it comes off very hilariously. Nine of the these songs (“Say Hello,” “Tangerine Leaves,” “Pain of the Next,” “Blow out the Candle,” “Sounds Like Heaven,” “Way Too Much,” “Where is the Fire?,” and “Noose of Trust” along with Alaska” that was re-named “Jordan”) ended up on Fall on Your World. The last song is an acoustic version of the title track from their last full length. The other songs – I am not sure what happened to them. I feel like I have heard “World Weary” somewhere before… but I just can’t figure out where. I also don’t know who was in the band at this time – the entire line-up of The Throes changed between their first two albums (and they went from a 3-piece to a 5-piece), so who knows where they were in the process when these were recorded?

Missing Information: who played on this?

Harold Evans – Hollow

Harold Evans
1992 (no label)

  1. In My Ear
  2. Men Who Know the Future
  3. Please Don’t Go (R.C.)
  4. Direction
  5. What Matters
  6. Confused
  7. See Me Clearly

Harold Evans is probably best known for his work with The Throes and Poole. These songs were attached to a tape full of demos from The Throes in 1992. They are listed as unmixed demos, but the sound is pretty good for “unmixed.” Other than that – I really don’t know much more than that. I am assuming Evans handled all instruments and vocals on this demo. Also, I can’t really find any evidence that this was released at any point. “In My Ear” was released on a couple of Poole singles/Eps, though. So maybe these songs morphed into Poole songs? The sound here is generally alternative like his other bands, but with fuzzier guitars and a shoe-gaze quality to the vocals. But too peppy and upbeat at times to be shoegaze 🙂

Missing Information: Did anyone else play on this?

The Throes – Demos

The Throes
1990? (no label)

Bill Campbell – Vocals, guitars
[others unknown]

  1. Elisabeth [new version]
  2. Dead End Street [new version]
  3. Sea Song [demo]
  4. World Weary
  5. Just One Moment [demo]
  6. Where is the Fire? [demo]

A bit of a rare tape mixed with a mystery. I’m not sure of the year on this one, other than it probably had to be in the 90s to have “new versions” of the first two songs that were originally released in 1989. I was able to figure out the new demo’s names from other releases. Two of them (“Sea Song” and Just One Moment”) are early versions of songs that ended up on All the Flowers Growing in Your Mother’s Eyes – so that is why I place this demo as being early 1990. “Where is the Fire?” is an early version of a song that ended up on Fall on Your World. “World Weary” appeared in the 1992 demos for Fall on Your World, but doesn’t seem like it was recorded for another album (even though I could swear I have heard it somewhere before now). The first two songs actually are newer versions of the 1989 songs, most notably in the guitar parts. The other four demos seem to mostly be acoustic-based songs recorded in one shot. This was probably a pre-production demo of some kind. This demo was taped over an interview that I originally thought to be The Throes, but when listening closer it was someone that was on Frontline Records that had a song called “Flower” and a long history in the music business. Not sure who that is – the demo songs were dubbed over the beginning, so the intros were lost.

Missing Information: year, who played on this.

The Throes – The Era of Condolence

The Throes
The Era of Condolence
1989 (no label)
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Harold G. Evans III – The drums, tympany, extraneous percussion, and other voice
William C. Campbell IV – The guitar, the harpsicord, and the voice

Dean Nitz – The bass
Wendy Woods – Sang some

Side 1:

  1. Come Home
  2. Heritage
  3. Think of You
  4. Elizabeth

Side 2:

  1. Circles
  2. No Map
  3. Dead End Street

The debut demo from The Throes, and what a demo it is. The Throes went on to being signed to all kinds of labels, and this demo was even released with a special edition of their 12 Before 9 album that was released in a round metal tin (it was a 90s thing). The Throes did the whole “90s jangle alternative rock” sound very, very well. Their sound has been compared to a mixture of R.E.M. and The Smiths, and I think that is a good description for this demo. Some sources say that “Elizabeth” was not on this demo, but this copy has it at the end of side 2. Of course, it is pretty obvious that the song title was added to the J-card after it was printed, so I wonder if they just forgot to label some tapes? Interestingly, none of the songs here made it onto any of their later albums (although “Elizabeth” and “Dead End Street” got considerable attention from being featured on the Arghhh!!! compilation by R.E.X. Records). Probably one of my top favorite demos of this genre.