Big Rage! Volume 1 – 1990

Big Rage! Volume 1
1990 Pure Metal Records

Side 1:

  1. The Stand – Don’t Look Back
  2. Paradox – Give a Listen
  3. Zeal – Loner
  4. Mitch Bohet – Bottom of It
  5. Sanxtion – The Resurrection and Life
  6. Heebie Jeebies – Land of the Free

Side 2:

  1. Lust Control – Mad at the Girls
  2. Torah – Pray for the Children
  3. Archangel – Burn, Burn, Burn
  4. Repent – Shadows
  5. Bryan Whited – Heaven Can’t Wait
  6. Outcry – Vessels Unto Honor

Big Rage! was a compilation from Pure Metal that I think was only released on tape. It is technically a label release, but it contained only underground (at the time) bands of various styles. The Stand is the same power pop/alt rock band that also released this song on Heartbreak Town. Paradox is the traditional power metal band from San Antonio – this song has been on many comps and it rocks. Zeal is a power metal/neoclassical metal band that sounds like many similar bands that were influenced by bands like Riot at the time. Mitch Bohet is alt rock artist that had his song produced by Charlie Peacock, and it bears his influence (not a bad thing). Sanxtion is an epic power metal/speed metal band. Heebie Jeebies is an experimental-ish band that uses drum machines, but it is not industrial. I don’t think. Lust Control is, well, Lust Control. Punk and in your face. Torah has been featured here before – female fronted heavy metal. Archangel is a more commercial metal band with AC/DC influence vocals, but a more driving metal sound. Repent is a band that has a regular metal sounding band with kind of haunting vocals that give them a more original sound that others. Bryan Whited is a traditional metal solo project with a full band. Outcry was a one-time name change for Crucifix just for this song – keyboard-laced traditional metal.

Torah – Torah

1988 (no label)
Decatur, Illinois, USA

Gary-O – Guitars
Doug Rudow – Drums
Bobby Sheets – Bass
Tammy Sheets – Vocals

  1. Rock and Roll Warriors
  2. Dreams
  3. Don’t Reign on My Parade
  4. Pray for the Children

This is an underground metal band that got some national exposure due to the song “Pray for the Children” being featured on the Big Rage compilation. Lots of information about them online, but this seems to be their only recording. This is pretty much straight ahead metal with female vocals. Pretty well recorded and packaged for a demo. One of so many bands that should have gone further but didn’t. They are a bit more of the traditional metal variety than the hair metal that was taking off in 1988. I could see them opening more for Ordained Fate than Whitecross, and it would be a good fit. Maybe that is because there is a slight progressive leaning to many of the songs? “Pray for the Children” is almost thrash metal in its ferocity. Overall, a good slab of underground metal. All of the songs can be found on YouTube as well: