Looking for Info: Transformatix – Transformatix

198? (no label)

Dave Newton: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Steve Jenks: Bass and backing vocals
Mark Tuner: Drums
Jeff Bailey: Lead guitar and backing vocals

  1. Let It All Go
  2. Trust In You

Hard to tell if this is a real release or not. The only information about this band is a Wikipedia entry – but no one seems to remember them. Not even the bands that they say they opened for. Some have said the Wikipedia page is a fake, others are not so sure. According to the article, they were a Boston band that “played original very fast-upbeat punk/new wave music, with heavy repeating melodic hooks and strong 3-part harmonies.” The article also states that they had at least 13 original songs written that were played live. If you have their single, or any info on the band (or know that the Wikipedia page is a hoax), please let me know.