Urgent Cry – Demo 011591

Urgent Cry
Demo 011591
1991 (no label)
Vandalia, Ohio, USA

Steve Mikel – Vocals
Mike Wilcox – Guitar
Jamie Richards – Bass
Don Real – Drums

  1. Come Along
  2. Like Adam, I Hide
  3. Dry Wind
  4. Emperor’s New Clothes

So this looks like the same Urgent Cry that recorded the earlier demo I converted. Same logo and all… but I put this tape in and it is a lot heavier than the other demo. More straight up hard rock/metal with no progressive pop leanings. It seems that this is a whole new band with the same lead singer. So it appears that the new band influenced a new style (or the singer wanted a different style and found new people that wanted the same?). There may have been other demos between this one and the last one in 1987 that chronicles the evolution a bit better. And it could be that the band members changed organically over a three year period and this sound was the end result. You never know. I enjoyed the older demo, and this one seems to be a step in the right direction (unless you are a huge prog-rock addict, that is).

Urgent Cry – Demo

Urgent Cry
1987 (no label)
Vandalia, Ohio, USA

Darryl Gibson – Drums, acoustic guitar
Kevin Landon – Bass, keyboards
Bill Kuhn – Lead Guitar
Steven Mikel – Lead vocals, flute

  1. Cry in the Wilderness
  2. Unexpected
  3. Christ is the Answer
  4. No Pantomime

This is a different Urgent Cry than the other one that some are familiar with that had a split with a band called Seraph. This is mostly hard rock leaning towards metal with a distinct progressive rock/Rush influence. They don’t go for being a Rush-clone, but you can still see the influence. They accomplish this by leaning more towards the metal spectrum, especially on tracks like “Christ is the Answer.” This is definitely the stand out track on the album, although there is a classic rock appeal in the flute in the last song “No Pantomime” as well.