King James and the Concordances – I Do

King James and the Concordances
I Do
1990 Vertical Take Off Music (VTO2004)
Orlando, California, USA

Headlight Rodriguez
Turtle Alonzo
Toast R. Oven

Side 1:

  1. Yo! Suarez
  2. Could You Be?
  3. Waking Up With My Baby
  4. “Lover”
  5. And I Cried

Side 2:

  1. Talking Bout’ Your Church
  2. King James Hop
  3. De New Age
  4. Married People
  5. Gonna Buy Me a Bride

The follow up to 1987’s The Authorized Version offers more of the same from Julio Rey and Al Valdes. Well, if by “same” you mean the “same” unpredictable style-hopping they were doing on the last demo. The first song is hard rock, the next one is reggae, then ummm… ragtime do-whop(?) and so on. I think it keeps things interesting, but others might disagree. This tape seems to be rarer than their other tape.

King James and the Concordances – The Authorized Version (re-issue)

King James and the Concordances
The Authorized Version (re-issue)
1990 Vertical Take Off Music (VTO2003)
Miami, Florida, USA

Turtle Alonzo
Headlight Rodriguez
Toast R. Oven

“Dance Mixes” on side 2 by remixed 1990 by Pig Rey and the Pens

Side 1:

  1. Don’t Wanna be no Gumby
  2. Mission to Mexico
  3. Johnny’s in a Cult
  4. Peabody Went to College
  5. Movies about Jesus
  6. Last of the Nubs
  7. The Monastery

Side 2:

  1. Gumby gets the Bends
  2. Mexican Dub
  3. Singalongjohnny
  4. Talkin’ ‘Bout Run D.M.C.
  5. The Last Temptation of Toast R. Oven
  6. The Ugly, the Good, and the Bad
  7. Yretsanom Eht

This is one of many projects by Julio Rey of The Lead and Frank’s Enemy. You could download the first side free online. This is really all over the map stylistically – from the punk opening song, to rockers, to various other styles and experimentation. Seems like Julio agrees as well:

“Musical styles in order of appearance are punk, reggae with a touch of mariachi, old school hardcore when it wasn’t old school with a touch of eastern dissonance, 70s style funk, classic rock when it wasn’t classic drenched in Neil Young guitar strangulation, country with a touch of spoken word, and Gregorian chant with no detectable intelligible actual words.”

The second side is really a collection of remixes of the first side, in the same order as the first side. Some are pretty similar to their original versions, others are more out there. The original tape was released in 1987, while it seems the remixes were added in 1990. They also released a demo called I Do in 1990 as well.  I’m not sure who is who on the list of people above, but from what I have found online the band members are:

Julio Rey – Vocals, lead guitar, bass
Al Valdes – Rhythm guitar, drums