Wonk Dog – Wonk Dog

Wonk Dog
Wonk Dog
1995 (no label)
North Carolina, USA


  1. Blame
  2. Dream
  3. Send Me Truth
  4. To Be Like
  5. Refuge
  6. [nonsense]
  7. Forged
  8. [stuff]

Grungy, heavy-ish alternative rock with groove metal tendencies? Not sure if that description flows off the tongue, but it kind of describes what I hear here. This demo was sent to me as a trade, so I don’t know much about this other than what is in this post. If you remember Massive Grooves Records (a music label started by Matthew Hun to put out heavy groove music), this band might fit on that label. They do have a MySpace page – but that is about all I can find on them. No info on who is in the band or if they had more recordings. Note: this is technically a six-song demo, as the 6th “track” really is nonsense (10 seconds of studio chatter), and the last track is typical bonus track “stuff.” It sounds like someone brushing their teeth until it breaks down into some weird beat box stuff and then just noise and jokes.

Missing Information: Who was in the band, or any more information on them.