Xn – End Times

End Times
19?? (no label)

Frank LaClair – Guitars, ?

  1. Repent
  2. Somewhere
  3. End Times

Not much info on this release – decided to grab it because it was three songs, and who could pass up a “Metal Messenger”? Turns out to be decent indie heavy metal. Funny thing is that he actually dubbed in a Dolby calibration tone from another tape before the first song – which becomes pointless with all the hiss that this process introduces. This seems to be a one person project – the guy that recorded these songs also uploaded them and others to YouTube (see the three songs from this demo below). This is what Frank said about himself:

This is a collection of original music by Frank LaClair. Over the years, Frank was a guitarist in such bands as Nyepon, Defenders of the Faith, Airstrike, Torn Veil, Pyramid, and a solo project titled Xn. These recordings do not include music from any of his previous bands but are only low quality cassette tape recordings of ideas and unfinished tracks.

Not bad at all for ideas and unfinished tracks! I have heard of Nyepon, but will have to look into the others.

Missing Information: release year, who played what