New Society – Updated Versions of Older Tapes

For those that weren’t aware, New Society albums are usually up for download somewhere online. However, some of them have been disappearing here and there, so it seems Rick Roman, Jr. has fixed that, as well as tweaking/updating some releases. If you haven’t heard of New Society, it was an electronic project run by Rick Roman (with others joining him from time to time) that mixes industrial, techno, metal, trance,you name it. There are many more New Society albums than the ones up online now – not sure if they will be added or not. Also of note are NEW songs from 2019 in there are well. But currently up on Soundclick for free download:

  • A Taste of Black (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • So Red a Revelation (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • True Faith (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • Eternity (Anthology 1992 updated 2019)
  • E.T.S.G.A.N.W. (Anthology 2003 updated 2019)
  • REG.NO.2615161 (Anthology 2004 updated 2019)
  • New Life (Anthology 2008 updated 2019)
  • Collective (2019)

Clay – Demo

1994? (no label)

  1. 1.89
  2. I Talk to Stan (live)
  3. He’ll Detonate

This seems to be slightly different versions of three songs off of Clay’s Geekik demo. The main unique thing here is that “I Talk to Stan” is a live version. So it seems to be a unique version of this song, and also rules out this being a fan-made sampler – maybe? Also, it seems to my ears that the other two songs are also different versions from the ones on Geekik. The vocals seems less harshly sung, and the guitars are not as recorded as heavy. But it could just be a really bad transfer to tape. Not much information on this one other than what is shown above, so I don’t know if this is a different recording of the songs or not.

Dan Donovan – Root

Dan Donovan
199? Independent

  1. Pretty Thing You
  2. Broose Again
  3. No Bad Dog
  4. Arms of Clare
  5. Things Jus’ Is
  6. Fragile Flame
  7. Wild Eyed
  8. Moments Like These

This is kind of a mystery release from Dan Donavan. I don’t know when it was released, and I haven’t seen the cover to it, so I have no idea who played on it. It seems that it is a compilation of songs from other albums. Some songs, like “Pretty Thing You,” seem to be close to the original versions. Other songs like “Broose Again” seem to be very different versions. Overall, it is a mostly acoustic / folk album. Most of the songs seem to have come from Dust Shaker (“Pretty Thing You,” “Broose Again,” “Arms of Clare,” and “Fragile Flame”), with one coming from The Leven Dell (“Things Jus’ Is”), one from Tribe of Dan’s The Bootus Red (“No Bad Dog”), and one from a compilation called Seahorse (“Moments Like These”). Only one song – “Wild Eyed” – seems to be unique to this tape. But, I have to note, that since I can’t find the date this was released, these could all be early demos for what was later recorded.

Missing Information: cover scan, what year was this release, did anyone other than Dan play on this?

Dan Deeble & Robert Barngrover – To Wherever There’s a Heart

Dan Deeble & Robert Barngrover
To Wherever There’s a Heart
19?? CRS Records (9262-19)
Huntington Beach, California, USA

Dan Deeble – Vocals, piano, additional keyboards
Robert Barngrover – All guitars

Rob Deeble – Backup vocals on “To Wherever There’s a Heart,” drums on “A Beautiful Beginning”

Side 1:

  1. To Wherever There’s a Heart
  2. Look Away
  3. Precious Moments
  4. When I Look to You

Side 2:

  1. Love Song
  2. Ease the Pain
  3. A Beautiful Beginning
  4. Humble Knees

Robert Barngrover of Barngrover/Light teams up with Dan Deeble to release an album of light rock. This is much lighter than the progressive/blues rock of Barngrover/Light. I wonder if Dan’s brother Rob that made some guest appearances here is the same as Robert Deeble of Days Like These fame? It seems like this project is mainly Dan, but with a lot of help from Bargrover. Several of the songs are folk rock in nature, with some hints of Caribbean and other world music touches here and there. There is no date on this tape, but I would almost say it was a 70s Jesus Music album. Unless it was released in the 80s and 90s, in which case it would be labeled folk rock / light rock.

Soul Circus – Demo

Soul Circus
19?? (no label)

  1. Intro
  2. Mother
  3. Sunny Side Up
  4. Lovechild

This demo really tripped me out. The intro is a lot of samples from television, music, and other places mixed with a lot of laughing. I thought maybe this would end  up being a trippy found noise demo. But then the first songs kicks in (after the 2:00 intro)… and wow is the singer a dead ringer for Michael Knott. I’m still not convinced this isn’t an unknown Knott demo. The second song (a rock-a-billy influenced tune) features people talking at the beginning that doesn’t sound like Knott, and some vocals that aren’t quite so Knott-ish… but still. You never know. They kind of are Knott-ish as well. It’s a pretty good alternative rock demo, but there is no info about it on the tape other than what is in the picture above.

Missing Information: Band members, year released.

Sovereign Steel – Demo

Sovereign Steel
19?? (no label)
Denison, Texas, USA

  1. Dark Hour
  2. By Our Love
  3. Market of Destruction

So all I have on this demo is in the picture above. Turns out that this, in fact, the same band that released a demo called Say Your Prayers in 1990. All of the songs here was also on the Say Your Prayers demo. So I don’t know if this an earlier or later demo that was re-recorded, or a sampler of their full demo. These sound like the same versions, but slightly different recordings. Either way, the sound is thrash metal with a heavy early Metallica influence. If you dig around online, you can find the six-song Say Your Prayers demo.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played on this?

Fighter – Live Mix

Live Mix
1989 or 1990 (no label)
Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Amy Wolter
Jim Wolter
Who else?

  1. Nice Guy
  2. The Waiting
  3. If You Want Love
  4. I Saw Jesus Through Your Eyes
  5. Running the Race
  6. Stop Look Listen
  7. Fighting Fire With Fire
  8. Do What You Want
  9. Star One
  10. Jamie

The j-card says “Live Mix,” while the tape says “Demo.” I would guess that these songs were either recorded live in the studio or mixed in the same fashion a live show would be. All in all, what you have here are six songs that were re-recorded on their debut CD The Waiting, all four of the songs from Demo II (including two of the six from The Waiting), and two songs that I don’t think appeared on any other demos or recordings (although also note that “Fighting Fire With Fire” and “Jamie” never made it off Demo II). “If You Want Love” is one of those songs, but the other one doesn’t have a title listed. So I called it “I Saw Jesus Through Your Eyes” as that is what is repeated in the chorus. So four songs total that weren’t on their two national CDs. Also, as you can see above, the first three songs are listed by name, with the other seven as “additional.” I don’t note any difference in song quality or tape hiss or anything on those seven, so I am not sure why they weren’t listed. Anyways, this demo is not far off from their debut CD – even the four songs not on that album sound like they would fit there easily. The recording is a bit muffled, but not too bad. Seems to be a rare collectible. For those not familiar with Fighter they were a rock/AOR band led by a husband/wife team. They could play and write songs in that genre well, and their two in-demand CDs are rare and often expensive.