Raymond Scott Woolson – Build Your Ark Underneath Me

Raymond Scott Woolson
Build Your Ark Underneath Me
19?? (no label)
Lockport, New York, USA

Raymond Scott Woolson – Vocals, instruments?

Side 1:

  1. Kings on Earth
  2. Dedicated To
  3. Come Outside

Side 2:

  1. Scattered on a Day of Clouds
  2. Damascus Way

The guy’s name and the front cover make this look like a hippie folk album. But then the guitars kick in and it sounds… alternative/indie rock? I can’t find anything else about this album online, but the guy that made it has released a tons of albums. He talks about going from shoegaze to ambient to dream pop, so that starts to help this make sense. No idea on the date, but this is reminds me of 90s Tooth & Nail Indie Rock bands like Luxury and Joe Christmas mixed with Dream Pop if they were DIY style like Blind Teeth Victory Band. The drums sound like they may be programmed drums, so I am guessing this is a one man band. But I could be wrong.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Did anyone else play on it?

Headnoise – Demo

1997 (no label)
Orange County, California, USA

Edie Goodwin – Vocals
Sid Duffour – Guitar, backing vocals
Tom Wright – Guitars, backing vocals
Robert Goodwin – Bass, backing vocals
Todd Snow – Drums

  1. Breaking the Bubblegum Image
  2. The Solution
  3. Straight Dope
  4. SCRAPE!
  5. The Sky Is Falling

As far as I can tell, this is the debut demo from Headnoise. Headnoise became known for their brand of female-fronted punk rock when they recorded for labels like Sofa Records and Grrrr Records. The first song here doesn’t really sound like punk rock at first, but the punk soon kicks in and it is all punk after that. All of the songs on here were re-recorded for their 1998 Sofa Records self-titled debut album. The sound here is more of an old school 80s punk rock sound, but the band has been known to go into hardcore punk territory as well.

Abstain – Lofi Lotech Demo

Lofi Lotech Demo
1996? (no label)
Texas, USA

Matt Wright

  1. Release
  2. Control
  3. (instrumental)
  4. (instrumental)
  5. (instrumental)
  6. (instrumental)
  7. (instrumental)
  8. (instrumental)

So this is an interesting project shared on Facebook. From what I can find online, this is a solo project by Matt Wright, who was the guitarist for Primary Sensor. Primary Sensor was a band that also featured Eric Shirey of The Bumpus Hounds, which have been covered here as well. Abstain was also featured on the Full Frontal Lobotomy and Ballistic Test Six compilations from Flaming Fish Music. This demo features at least one song (“Control”) from those compilations. One of the instrumentals might be “Escape” from the others, or the song I have called “Release” might actually be “Escape.” Anyways, the sound here is heavy guitar-driven industrial on the first two songs, and then some more electronic-focused instrumentals. Great stuff if you are into this genre. Not sure of the release date of this tape, but it had to be before the 1997 compilations the songs were on. Well, it didn’t have to be, but that is my guess.

Torn Veil – What About Death

Torn Veil
What About Death
199? (no label)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Steve – Guitars, vocals, scream
Jayme – Bass, background vocals
Chad – Drums

  1. Last Days
  2. What About
  3. Oh Lord
  4. Proverbial Nonsense
  5. Revelation
  6. Dear Father
  7. Cybernetic Master

Torn Veil plays a form of metal that seems to sit between thrash metal, traditional metal, and nu metal. Well, without a date on it, I can’t really tell you if the gruff vocals are death metal influenced or nu metal influenced. But vocal styles are all over the place from shouted to singing to gruff. Sometimes they dip into more hard rock territory, especially as the demo gets into later songs. My guess is that due to the styles mixed in here as well as the song title “Cybernetic Master” that this was probably recorded in the mid to late 1990s.

Opinion 8 – Combat Boots

Opinion 8
Combat Boots
199? (no label)

Joe Wallace – vocals and instrument manipulation

  1. Corporate Thugs
  2. Stomach Pump Guy
  3. Odors of the Olympics Giveaway
  4. Are You Ready to Kill for Money
  5. I Hate the CIA
  6. Everybody Loves Liquid Lard
  7. Instrumental
  8. You Can Drink Now
  9. Look Forward to Your Own Death
  10. We Need Those Bodies Frank
  11. Warm Goat Sweat

This tape follows in the footsteps of Don’t Quit You Day Job with experimental music mixed with spoken word and comedy skits. (Or maybe it came before that one and it blazes the pathway?) The music has a lot more structure and melody than you find in most experimental music, but it still heads a bit outside of typical alternative rock formats. No song titles were given, so I named the tracks based on what they seem to be talking about most. However, some tracks (like the third one) are mostly instrumental with a skit or spoken word intro/brief section. So who knows what the songs were really called? I am assuming that this is still just Joe Wallace on this tape as well, but that could be wrong.

Missing Information: Song titles, release date, did anyone else play on this?

New Society – Updated Versions of Older Tapes

For those that weren’t aware, New Society albums are usually up for download somewhere online. However, some of them have been disappearing here and there, so it seems Rick Roman, Jr. has fixed that, as well as tweaking/updating some releases. If you haven’t heard of New Society, it was an electronic project run by Rick Roman (with others joining him from time to time) that mixes industrial, techno, metal, trance,you name it. There are many more New Society albums than the ones up online now – not sure if they will be added or not. Also of note are NEW songs from 2019 in there are well. But currently up on Soundclick for free download:

  • A Taste of Black (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • So Red a Revelation (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • True Faith (Anthology 1990 updated 2019)
  • Eternity (Anthology 1992 updated 2019)
  • E.T.S.G.A.N.W. (Anthology 2003 updated 2019)
  • REG.NO.2615161 (Anthology 2004 updated 2019)
  • New Life (Anthology 2008 updated 2019)
  • Collective (2019)

Clay – Demo

1994? (no label)

  1. 1.89
  2. I Talk to Stan (live)
  3. He’ll Detonate

This seems to be slightly different versions of three songs off of Clay’s Geekik demo. The main unique thing here is that “I Talk to Stan” is a live version. So it seems to be a unique version of this song, and also rules out this being a fan-made sampler – maybe? Also, it seems to my ears that the other two songs are also different versions from the ones on Geekik. The vocals seems less harshly sung, and the guitars are not as recorded as heavy. But it could just be a really bad transfer to tape. Not much information on this one other than what is shown above, so I don’t know if this is a different recording of the songs or not.