Jason Sacks / The Disciples – No Options Here

Jason Sacks / The Disciples
No Options Here
1992 (no label)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Jason Sacks – Vocals, guitars, synth, spaz
Josh Caid – Lead guitars, sax, bass
Andy Taranto – Guitar, bass
Michael Kirkpatrick – Fretless bass
Ken Hawes – Piano
Mike Dietz – Drums, percussion

Side 1:

  1. No Surfin’ in Hell
  2. I’m an Alien
  3. 29 Seconds of Weirdness
  4. Hard Tough Choice

Side 2:

  1. Roaches
  2. Another Reggae Song
  3. Stupid Sheep

I can’t quite tell from the cover, but I don’t think it is meant to be ”& The Disciples.” It might be that Jason Sacks was known locally as a solo artist, but wanted to name the band The Disciples? Anyways, this is kind of funky hard rock / alternative rock that reminds you of Dig Hay Zoose, Sage, Hot Pink Turtle, Don’t Know etc. Some reviews compared them to Mr. Buggle, which is kind of also a good place to start. The vocals jump back and forth between sung parts and spoken word/almost rapped parts – kind of like “Den of Thieves” by Sage, or if the “movie” parts from Surfin’ M.O.D. got mashed together with the music. Plenty of humor mixed in with the serious parts as well. There is a slight surf feeling to many songs, as well as a noticeable punk influence. Apparently “No Surfin’ in Hell” and “Roaches” were played on some radio stations back in the day.

Soulfood 76 – Let’s Eat

Soulfood 76
Let’s Eat
1992 (no label)
Seattle, Washington, USA

Daniel Fairbanks – Vox, Wah Wah
Samuel Ericsson – Sweet Guitar
Kevin Stainer – Bass Groove
Paul Mumaw – Drumm’n Fool

  1. Free
  2. Reach Up
  3. My Pretty Baby
  4. Find My Way

This is one of at least two demos by Soulfood 76. I have this one and another one called 7 (the scan above is from my tape). This demo has been remastered and re-released by The Corral on Spin Cycle. “Free” and “Reach Up” were both re-recorded for Velour (Retrospective). Their trippy, retro-groovy guitar alternative rock is on full display here, but in general I find this tape to be less heavy that Original Soundtrack. Just as cool, just with less loud guitars. Check out this piece of history finally resurrected for digital glory.

Face of Instrument – Black Point Maxi Single

Face of Instrument
Black Point Maxi Single
1992 (no label)

  1. Deus / ex / Machina
  2. Faceless
  3. From the Inside
  4. Abnormal Reaction (cutting floor mix)
  5. L.A.
  6. Blackpoint

This demo was shared on Facebook along with Abstain and Situation Taboo – apparently two members of Situation Taboo are in this project. But I can’t find any information about the band online. The sound is industrial rock/metal like Situation Taboo and Abstain, just a bit more straight forward industrial rock than SitTab. Obvious Christian lyrics definitely place this in the Christian Tape Underground, but I don’t know if this is a one-off side project or a fully formed band of some kind.

Missing Information: Who played in this band?

Towne Cryer – Against All Evil

Towne Cryer
Against All Evil
1992 Nehemiah Records
Los Angeles, California, USA

Gena McClure – Vocals
Steve Metzger – Guitars
Jerry Rotz – Guitars
Gary Ottosi – Bass
Ron McClure – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Shadow of Death
  2. Stone Cold Heart
  3. Hound of Heaven
  4. Free
  5. Seek Life

Side 2:

  1. Time Ran Out
  2. Lights
  3. Sacrifice of the Lamb
  4. Let Go

I seem to remember Towne Cryer being featured in many magazines back in the day. They also got compared to Ordained Fate due to being female-fronted metal (and probably the bass line that starts this tape sounding like the one that started the first Ordained Fate CD). However, they really don’t sound a whole lot alike beyond the metal connection. Town Cryer is thrash metal that blends in power metal along with some vocals stylings and progressive metal musical touches that bear a slight Tourniquet influence. If you are into this music, they do it quite well. Some sources state they have several demos, but only list one other release – Death by Sin in 1998.

Three Nails – Peace

Three Nails
1992 (no label)
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Kurt Emmert – Vocals
Steve Newby – Guitar
Cory Carleton – Bass
Brad Barron – Drums

  1. Money
  2. Born Again
  3. R.I.P.
  4. Walrus Song
  5. Sex Sells
  6. The Fall
  7. Directed Youth
  8. I Am
  9. Peace

If you are getting a strong Crucified vibe from the band picture, you would be correct. Especially if you were thinking a mix between their early demos and their self-titled label debut. Or a better way to look at it is this is what The Crucified would have sounded like if they went back slightly towards their demo roots after their self-titled rather than going further down the thrash crossover sound. Of course, they aren’t trying to hide their influence – they cover “Directed Youth” from Take Up Your Cross. The lead singer even sounds like Mark Solomon here and there – but with other punk influences mixed in.

New Society – Eternity

New Society
1992 Roman Recordings
Wonder Lake, Illinois, USA

Rick Roman, Jr. – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, sampling, bass
James Wayman – Bass, keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Eternity
  2. Beware the Nicolaitan (In Between)
  3. Silent Scream
  4. White Room (Disco Remix)
  5. Rumors
  6. My Secret Symphony

Side 2:

  1. My Secret Symphony (Long mix)
  2. The Call (1987 Mix)
  3. Rumors (Work It Out)
  4. Play Thru Me

This tape is at least the 4th (that I know of) demo by New Society. On this release, New Society was a duo. The tape starts off with an almost-ambient almost-instrumental (some minimal percussion and a few spoken/whispered statements here and there add texture that you typically don’t get with ambient music) before jumping into techno-leaning industrial. The music kind of bounces back and forth between different flavors of techno-leaning industrial. The cover indicates that these songs are from a period of several years prior to this release, and the inclusion of different mixes of songs lends to the feel of a compilation. So how does this tape compare to 2019 free version they just released? It seems the 2019 version has different versions of most of the songs here, all that are longer or shorter than the original versions. “My Secret Symphony” was cut down to a minute and a half, for example. At least 8 new songs were added. Oh, and “Play Through Me” was renamed to “Sonic Voyage” on the 2019 version.

Dark’s End – Dark’s End

Dark’s End
Dark’s End
1992 (no label)
Marbach, Germany

Uli Horner – Vocals
Martin Zettler – Guitars
Dirk Nising – Bass
Christian Schmidt – Drums

Side 1:

  1. White Dove
  2. X (instrumental)

Side 2:

  1. Signs
  2. The Tramp

While the cover looks pretty gothic, the tape opens up with some chiming alt rock guitars that sound straight out of an early Sixpence None the Richer song. Then the band kicks into a guitar rock song closer to something by Plankeye or Blonde Vinyl alt rock artists. The lead singer has a strong German accent, but she is still singing in English. There is also a shredding solo on the first track. The songs on the rest of the songs tends to follow the same sound: mixtures of different forms of late 80s/early 90s alternative and some hard rock influences here and there.