Grease Pot – “The Beach” Cassette Maxi-Single

Grease Pot
“The Beach” Cassette Maxi-Single
1992 (no label)
Massillon, Ohio, USA

Spiney Cottage Cheese Butt Hair Lips

Side 1:

  1. The Beach (v1)
  2. The Beach (v2)
  3. The Beach (v3)
  4. The Beach (v4)
  5. The Beach (v5)

Side 2:

  1. ?
  2. (instrumental)
  3. Vinyl Dreams of a Leather Sofa / America / Snack Machine / (untitled)
  4. Let Me Speak
  5. (instrumental)
  6. America / (untitled) / America the Pitiful

This is one trippy 10 song “maxi-single.” Well, kind of ten songs. The five songs on side one are 5 different versions of a song called “The Beach.” Mainly they are messing around with the vocals and solo instruments on each “song.” Side 2 is also five songs (three without names) that are even more experimental. The liner notes imply this tape was improvised, and you can tell. Kind of alternative-leaning  experimental. This is the kind of music that would fit in with The Furnace Room, Plan 7 Dist., and Corpquii Music. In fact, IDY has also released some solo albums on The Furnace Room. Oh, and there is language on this one for those that have problems with that.


Brussel – Slowdown

1992 (no label)
West Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Ian Stewart – Lead vocals, guitar
Les Driscoll – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Mike Randon – Drums, backing vocals

  1. Fluorescent Hat
  2. Slowdown
  3. Fire

British band Brussel (former Brussel Spaceship) really want you to know that this was a demo that was recorded live. They repeat some form of “demo tape” or “live demo” or whatever all over the cover and tape. Good to know, but honestly the sound quality here does not sound like it was live or a demo that much. So no need to make it known. Anyways, this is quality early 90s alternative rock. This was something like the bands 6th release, so they had the 80s alt thing down in the past. They seem to have made a good transition to some 90s alt here – with a bit of funk added in here and there. I don’t think they recorded much after this release, unfortunately.

Weeping Prophet – On the Verge of Tears

Weeping Prophet
On the Verge of Tears
1992 (no label)
Akron, Ohio, USA

Jim Workman – Vocals
Stewart Hilton – Guitars
Walt Wise – Bass
John Joyce – Drums

Side 1:

  1. The Voice
  2. Diotrephes

Side 2:

  1. The Warning
  2. p32

Finally – the long lost Weeping Prophet demo! Their later demo Broken seems to be all over the place if you dig for bootleg mp3s, but I have never seen this demo out there. Weeping Prophet are usually described as “progressive/thrash metal,” and that mostly holds true here. I would say this is less progressive and more thrash, but there are still some progressive elements. In some places, if they had pushed the progressive angle and made the rough style vocal moments a bit creepier, they would have sounded like Tourniquet. As it is, songs like “Diotrephes” seem to still have a strong Tourniquet influence. Also, the sound on this demo is a bit cleaner than Broken was. The band member names really aren’t given on the tape. There is a drawing of the bands hair with mostly illegible signatures under each one, and then extensive thank you lists from Jym, Stu, Walt, Ed (the manger), and John. I am assuming that these were the same band members as listed on Broken later, so I have used that info above. It could be wrong, though.

Say-So – Wonderful World

Wonderful World
1990 (no label)
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Kim Thomas – Lead vocals, backing vocals, autoharp
Jim Thomas – Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, autoharp, backing vocals, keyboards, drum programming

Matt Pierson – Bass
Chris Rodriguez – Additional background vocals
Lisa Rodriguez – Additional background vocals
Russ Long – Additional drum programming

Side 1:

  1. Wonderful World
  2. Taken by the Moment
  3. Love is a Word
  4. Camella Sings

Side 2:

  1. Mercy Me
  2. Waiting for You
  3. Monday’s Child
  4. Beyond the World

Another unknown release from Say-So appears out of nowhere! This makes 4 releases of theirs outside of their two label releases that I have uncovered (still waiting to hear two of those). There are still some gaps in their discography time-line, so there could be even more out there. This particular project is more driven by the husband/wife duo than a fuller band, but the result is still the same. Say-So always seems to produce high quality alternative pop. You can see why they go signed, you just have to wonder what took so many years for it to happen?

Mozart Gypsies – Demos

Mozart Gypsies
1992 (no label)

Chris Rumbaugh – Vocals
Michael Knott – Guitar, string arrangements
Omar Domkus – Bass
Chuck Cummings – Drums

Chris Colbert and David Hackbarth – Engineering

  1. Crush Me Crush Me
  2. You’ll Feel Fine
  3. Oh! Suzanne

I have had these files for a while, but I decided to do a write up here for archival purposes. You can see by the list that there were some big names on this. For those not in the know, Chris Rumbaugh is also known as Mr. Rhumba, former manager of Breakfast with Amy and one of the few people to be employed by Blonde Vinyl Records. Michael Knott is, well, hopefully you know him. Omar Domkus was the bass player for Scaterd Few. Chuck Cummings is currently in The Altar Billies, but he has also been in Uthanda, Dakota Motor Co, and a bunch of other bands. The original titles I had for these files were “My World,” “Make You Mine,” and “Susanne.” But Omar Domkus wrote a blog post about the songs, and he said the titles are what are listed above. Always listen to the bassist – they usually know what is going on. He refers to the songs as 60’s retro pop, and that is a good way to describe them. Some of these songs, especially the first one, sound like they could have been early Cush demos if Cush formed in 1992 with Mr. Rhumba as the singer. I’m not sure who wrote these songs, but I am assuming Chris Rumbaugh along with Michael Knott, with the others possibly participating as well.

Battalion – Demo 91-92

Demo 91-92
1992 (no label)
West Salem, Wisconsin, USA

Brad Lundstrom – Vocals
Les Rouse – Guitars
Kjell Hatlevig – Bass
Joe Siegel – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Don’t Wait
  2. Run Away
  3. Test of Time
  4. Judgement Day
  5. He is Lord
  6. I Give You My Life
  7. Vices

Side 2:

  1. The Lord Sees

This is the same Battalion that went on to release Runaway (which has seen a few re-issues itself). “Test of Time” and a live version of “Don’t Wait” made it on to one re-issue. All of the songs on here except for “Test of Time” and “He is Lord” were re-recorded on Runaway as well. Their sound is a mix of traditional / power and progressive metal bands like Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Grim Reaper, and others. They play very well – you can see why their later album is highly sought-after. Also note that the track list on the tape is not in the correct order, so I used the correct order above.

Billy Penn’s Brother / Calvin’s Dream – Heaven

Billy Penn’s Brother / Calvin’s Dream
1992 Sticky Music
Heaven, Scotland, United Kingdom

Side 1:

Richard Nicholson – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, mouth harp
Charlie Irvin – Lead guitars, backing vocals
Dot Reid – Piano, backing vocals
Steve Butler – Bass, backing vocals, piano on “Scream”
Eddy John – Drums, percussion

Sugar for Ma Honey – Rhythm programming on “Scream”
Northstar – Rap vocal on “Scream”

  1. When the War is Over
  2. Taki to Treblinka
  3. Melon
  4. Walk on Water

Side 2:

Dougie Gay – Vocals, guitar
Simon Halliday – Guitars
Rachel Morley – Bass, vocals
Wilf Taylor – Drums

Ken Nisbet – Additional vocals
Dot Reid – Additional keyboards

  1. Guilty
  2. Come Down Love
  3. Struggle
  4. The Waiting Room

This is an interesting split tape called Heaven by Plankton Records. Side 1 is Billy Penn’s Brother, with four songs from Ruckus in Real Time. Billy Penn’s Brother played an excellent form of roots rock/alternative rock on their album, and this is four of the best. Kind of The Call meets Midnight Oil. I have heard all of those songs before. The real treat for me was side 2, which contains all of the songs from The First EP by Calvin’s Dream. I have been looking for this demo for a while, as I have their Fanatical CD and really like it. There is no liner information on the tape, so I had to pull some info from online. Also, I don’t know if these are the same versions of the songs as on the actual EP – but I pulled the information about this tape off of the website that was created by the person that collected all of these tapes I am digitizing, so that means I probably will see the actual tape soon enough. Until then, if someone has full scans of the j-card and tape from The First EP, I would love to see it. The sound is basically high quality alternative rock with a late 80s roots rock influence as well as an early 90s college rock influence. A lot of bands were doing this sound, just few were this good.