Seven Day Jesus – Seven Day Jesus (3rd Demo)

Seven Day Jesus
Seven Day Jesus (3rd demo)
1995 (no label)
Huntington, West Virginia, USA

  1. Light
  2. A Time to Heal
  3. Strength
  4. The Hunger
  5. Pose
  6. George
  7. Ice Cream Man
  8. Bag o’ Nails
  9. Salut Ca Va

This is the third and (as far as I can tell) final demo by Seven Day Jesus before they signed with 5 Minute Walk Records. It also seems to be the most well-produced of the three.  All of the songs here except for “A Time to Heal” and “Ice Cream Man” were on their last demo Sustenance, just in slightly different versions. But “Ice Cream Man” is a short joke song with a banjo… so I am not sure it counts. “A Time to Heal,” “Strength,” and “The Hunger” were the only songs here to make it on to The Hunger. Stylistically, none of the bands demos vary much from what you can hear on The Hunger. While they were a grunge band in some sense of the word, they really transcended the “grunge” label.

Missing Information: Cover, who played on this?

Seven Day Jesus – Sustenance

Seven Day Jesus
1994 (no label)
Huntington, West Virginia, USA

Brian McSweeney – Vocals, guitar
Chris Beaty – Guitar
Wes Simpkins – Bass, vocals
Matt Sumpter – Drums, vocals
Christy – Guest violin

Side 1:

  1. Strength
  2. The Hunger
  3. George
  4. Light

Side 2:

  1. Pose
  2. Bag O’ Nails
  3. Salut Ca Va
  4. Ashamed

This was (as far as I can tell) the second demo by Seven Day Jesus, and the demo that brought them to a wider attention due to some tracks being included on a few compilations back in the day. “George,” “Light,” Bag o’ Nails,” and “Salut Ça Va” were all on their last demo (in pretty much the same version as here). All of the songs on here seem to repeat on their third demo except for “Intro” and “Ashamed” (although they seem to be different versions on each demo this time). “Strength,” “The Hunger,” and “Ashamed” are the only three from this demo that made it onto their label debut The Hunger. The sound on this demo also seems to be a bit more loose and rougher than later recordings.

Seven Day Jesus – Demo

Seven Day Jesus
1994 (no label)
Huntington, West Virginia, USA

  1. George
  2. Light
  3. I Can’t Help
  4. Bag O’ Nails
  5. Salut Ça Va
  6. Fiesta

This is one of the early demos by Seven Day Jesus (followed by Sustenance in 1994 and another S/T demo in 1995). All of the songs here except for “I Can’t Help” and “Fiesta” seem to also be on Sustenance (with a few more songs added). But these two songs are only on this demo it seems. To be honest, the recordings of the common songs here sound almost exactly like the ones on Sustenance. This may be an earlier version of Sustenance. The bands early grunge-inspired-but-still-different sound is in full effect here. Of course, we know they went on to sign on with 5 Minute Walk and then Forefront Records. This was another trade that I am just now getting around to reviewing.