Love in Grey – Demo

Love in Grey
1991? (no label)

  1. Shadows
  2. War Drum
  3. Cold Grey Sky
  4. Rain

This is labeled as “pre-Atomic Opera,” and it does share a song with For Madmen Only (“War Drum” – but a different version). But I don’t know the story of this particular demo as it is not specifically mention on their Wikipedia entry. The old Atomic Opera website says they started in September 1991, so I guess it would be 1991 (or 90) that this was released. Anyway, it sounds like Atomic Opera, just an earlier version. It also might have been when Frank Hart lived in Missouri and before he moved to Houston. I don’t think any of the other songs here were re-recorded on later projects, even though “Shadows” does sound familiar. It might have been re-worked into a different song. None of these songs were on their 1999 demo collection called Alphas and Oranges, even thought that CD does have a song called “Love in Grey ” on it.

Missing Information: Who played on this? What year was it released?


Cephas – Vent

1997 (no label)
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

  1. (Step)
  2. (Narrow Minded)
  3. (Speak to Me)
  4. (Whatever Happened to Love?)

This appears to be the last Cephas demo (after 1996’s Tape) before members went on to form Task at Hand. The past tapes were hardcore/metalcore, but this tape appears to be hardcore/rapcore. I had to go back and listen to their last tape to make sure I didn’t review it wrong. But it seems they are going for a style change here. Especially with the third song – a ballad(?) with sung vocals. No songs titles came with the tape, so I took a guess above based on the most repeated words or phrase. But the shouted rapcore style gang vocals were hard to understand in the first song. Note that the YouTube video below has the song list from their 1995 tape Grace, but the video is the four songs listed above.

Missing Information: Who played on this? What are the song titles?

Acceptance – White Demo

White Demo
199? (no label)
Detroit Area, Michigan, USA

Tim Sessoms – Lead vocals, backup vocals\\
Luke Petty – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar\\
Bruce Bradley – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar\\
John Favaza – Bass, backup vocals\\
Don Hopper – Drums, backup vocals

  1. (Let’s Get Ready)
  2. Knock Knock!
  3. (Runnin’)

There are several different bands named Acceptance out there, but this one is the heavy metal on from the Detroit area in the 1980s.  They play a traditional form of metal with commercial metal leanings. The high pitched vocals fall somewhere between the screech and high-pitched wail that was popular at the time. No members are listed, but the players from their 1989 demo are listed on the video below, so I added information on who plays what from that demo above. Also, no song names were given, so I took a guess at the first and last song titles above. “Knock Knock!” is also on their 1989 demo as well.

Missing Information: What year was this released?

Splatter Punks – 3 Songs from Tug-O-War

Splatter Punks
3 Songs from Tug-O-War
199? (no label)
Kokomo, Indiana, USA

Eric Burch
Austin Mills
Ricky Duncan
Kyle Baldwin
Dan Hilean

  1. Eyes Closed Halloween
  2. 6 Legged Spider
  3. Die You Devil
  4. Good Night – Bad Pigs

So yeah – four songs on a tape that says “3 songs” 🙂 But technically, the last “song” is just the band goofing off singing goodnight to people. If you are wondering if Tug-O-War was ever released, apparently it was not. The first three songs were also recorded on the band’s 1999 demo Safety Pins. This is gutter/street punk that at times reminds me of Crashdog. There is apparently a live recording that has been discovered that might see the light of day, but this seems to be about it for this band.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played what?

Extreme Silence – Yellow Demo

Extreme Silence
Yellow Demo
199? (no label)
Flint, Michigan, USA

Grant Mohrman
Andrew Barancik
Josh Spohn
Tabitha Anderson
Dwight Mohrman

  1. Taming the Untamable
  2. Regret
  3. Sophia (Lady Wisdom)

It has been a while since I wrote about the Scene and Unseen Music Archive, but that is mainly because I am trying to catch up with everything I found on my last online sweep. But also, I decided to wait until Alex posts about these tapes on Facebook, because often important details are added once people start commenting. In this case, the wait was a good idea because it turns out that Extreme Silence is the band that became Lost Tribe and then Full on the Mouth! Dwight Mohrman commented on the post about this demo. There is some good that comes from social media. In the review of their black demo, I felt it sounded like a traditional metal tape. I don’t know what year either demo was released, but I would guess this is the second tape as this one drifts more towards the groove metal of later bands. Its still metal-ish, but more 90s groove than their other demo.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played what?

Billy Sunday – eleven-12 (THIRTEEN)

Billy Sunday
eleven-12 (THIRTEEN)
1991 (no label)
Livonia, Michigan, USA

Steve Guthrie – Keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals
Michael Routledge – Guitar, backing vocals
William Pope – Bass guitar, vocals
Michael Frederick – Drums, percussion, vocals

Side One:

  1. Cheez-Puf
  2. Eleven-12 (Thirteen)
  3. I Love You
  4. For a Thousand Years
  5. He Used to Dance
  6. Let It Ring

Side Two:

  1. Radio Daze
  2. Have It All
  3. Friends That Fly
  4. Streets of Gold
  5. Rain

I thought I had heard of this one, but apparently I haven’t. I wish that I had. They kind of sound like Living Colour out of the gate, especially the lead singer. But they also like to mix funk, jazz, gospel, pop, and prog into their music. Living Colour is more metal than Billy Sunday, and Billy Sunday likes to experiment more with extended jams. They just go off in random directions during random parts of the song. While they don’t sound exactly like any jam bands, jam band fans would probably dig this. BTW – if you aren’t aware, “Billy Sunday” is not a member of this band, but a famous baseball player turned minister. But does that mean you file this under “B” or “S”?

The Victors – Days in Arcadia

The Victors
Days in Arcadia
1982 Sticky Music
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

DB McGlynn – Vocals
David McRoberts – Bass
Alan Cameron – keyboards(?)

  1. Days in Arcadia
  2. (Cry Another Day)
  3. (Going Down)
  4. (Friday Night)
  5. (Let Me Be on Fire)
  6. (Everything is Under Control)
  7. (Chains of Love)
  8. (Stand Up and Fight)
  9. (Find Release)
  10. (Every Day)

Another classic Sticky Music release that is nearly impossible to find information on today. All of the tracks listed above are guesses except for the opening title track. The Victors are a Scottish band described as Reggae Rock Blues – and that kind of works. Fans of quirky New Wave will probably also enough this as well. And while Reggae is one of the major styles on this tape, there are songs like what I have called “Stand Up and Fight” that rock out as a full on alternative rock/new wave barn burner. I’m also not sure who all was in this band – apparently DB McGlynn was, some future members of The Electrics as well, David McRoberts on bass, and Alan Cameron (keyboards?). But there are probably others as well.

Missing Information: Who played on this? What are the song titles? Also need a can of the j-card and tape.

Malachi – Return

198? (no label)

  1. We Will Sing Praise
  2. Return
  3. War Games
  4. Evil Flame
  5. Eyes on Eternity
  6. I Will Follow

There are several bands named Malachi out there, but this is not the later ones that did Thrash or Hardcore music. I don’t know if this is the same Malachi that had Live at the Crossroads Iowa bootleg from 1982. It doesn’t sound like it to me – but they could have changed styles. The first track is a hard rock song with keyboards and a slight prog rock edge. The second track is a slower darker prog rock influenced number. And that is really where the band stays – rock or hard rock with slight prog rock influences here and there (but nothing overwhelmingly prog, though).

Missing Information: Who played on this? What year was this released? Is this the same band as any of the other Malachi bands?

The Music Assignment

The Music Assignment
1986 (no label)
Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia

  1. SonIQ Freez – Shock to the System
  2. SonIQ Freez – The Boss
  3. Under New Management – Ice Station Zero
  4. Trish Mason – I am God
  5. Judah – His Lies
  6. Judah – Pull Out Your Gun
  7. Envoy – To Love You
  8. Envoy – Child-Like Eyes

Side 2:

  1. 11:59 – Show Me the Way
  2. Steve and Elispbeth Peake – Don’t Come Crying
  3. This Way Up – Beside Me Lord
  4. Zion – Playing in the Night
  5. Skylight – Uncover Your Light
  6. Common Destiny – To Love You
  7. Ben Koning and Gary Terrell – He Never Said a Word

An obscure music compilation from Australia. It was a bit of a mystery at first, as the j-card has two albums, one on each side. Both were recorded live at a high school, and both seem to have the same people involved (Jim Baker, Warren Brown, etc). It looks like the one from 1986 is on this tape – but the other side is for the Oz Expo Profile from 1984. Also, the song list for this tape seems to only list songs by the song writer, while never saying who is in what band. Plus some of the bands for side 1 had 2 songs and others had 1. But I think I figured it all out. I hope. So what do we have here? Mostly different forms of 80s rock:

  • SonIQ Freez – I believe they have two songs. I also don’t know if it is pronounced “Sonic Freeze” or “Son I.Q. Freeze.” Anyways, this appears to be a slightly quirky, new wave Buggles-esque band. Since they were all recorded live, it tends to make all of the bands sound more rock.
  • Under New Management – Power pop-ish rock – sounds a bit like the last band, but without the new wave leanings. Closer to early Lifesavors.
  • Trish Mason – Singer/songwriter folk – just a woman and her guitar.
  • Judah – Not the Judah from California or Washington. They also have two songs, and are the only band credited as songwriter for the whole band. But they sound like they could be on an 80s comedy soundtrack. Kind of hard rock with a fun sound and prominent bass.
  • Envoy – The last band with two songs – the first one is straight ahead rock, and the second is a ballad.
  • 11:59 – Not the same band as the Florida groove metal band. This is a keyboard-heavy 80s rock band.
  • Steve and Elispbeth Peake – I was going to guess singer-songwriter, but nope. Its more keyboard driven rock/AOR.
  • This Way Up – This track is a slower, sad ballad about death. Hard to tell what style the band is, as this could fit in many styles.
  • Zion – This not either of the Zions you might have heard of – this is kind of a Skynrd-ish down home rock song.
  • Skylight – Male and female vocals doing what sounds like Americana rock/Jesus People Music.
  • Common Destiny – This band has a saxophone, some quirky keyboards, but comes across as more like a straight-ahead rock band than a new wave 80s band.
  • Ben Koning and Gary Terrell – This sounds like, well, the name of the band would suggest: two guys singing and playing guitar. Only this is not folk – more rock without a rhythm section.

Zuriel – Zuriel

1991 (no label)
Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Tony Royer – Lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Keith Strong – Vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Larry Brown – Bass
Tome Johnson – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Run
  2. The Flame
  3. Wake Up
  4. Dreams

Side 2:

  1. High Bridge
  2. Fashion Scientific
  3. The Lottery
  4. The Challenge

I had to look up the name of this band as well – it is a Hebrew name from Numbers 3:34 usually meaning “The Lord is My Rock.” They start off with a hard rock/almost metal song, but then switch to an 80s AOR style song. They continue with the 80s AOR on the third track as well. Then it is an 80s power ballad. Of course, this is all on a tape put out in 1991, so it’s a little dated by that point. The tape gets warbly for side 2 – it sounds like the person converting it should have just stopped the tape, flipped it over and played it the other way. That usually works for me except in cases of damaged tape (which this doesn’t sound like). But anyways, side 2 is all rock and/or AOR, so it seems the first track was just an outlier.