Frank’s Enemy – Qoheleth

Frank’s Enemy
1993 Not Silent (NS5)
Miami, Florida

Julio Rey – Guitar, Lead vocals
Marc Golob – Bass, vocals
Alex A – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Link Line
  2. Man, You Made a Lonely World
  3. You are God

Side 2:

  1. Reasons to Say No
  2. Destroy
  3. I Think
  4. We’re Recording Ourselves

Frank’s Enemy is a bit hard to describe – they are definitely an extreme metal band, but there are grind elements, death elements, punk elements, experimental elements, funk elements, hardcore elements, and so on. This was their third demo, the last one before they released their full-length self-titled album. In fact, most of the songs on here made it onto that album. Frank’s Enemy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy the weirdness and intensity of what they do here. “Destroy” is also a cover of The Lead, and for those that didn’t know, Julio Rey was/is in The Lead (since they are now releasing new music). Also, the last two tracks I have listed on side two are not listed on the tape J-card. The first one is an early demo of “I Think” with Julio on lead vocals (it was later re-recorded on Neoblasphemies with female lead vocals). The other one is really just the band in the studio goofing off, talking about copy right law and how they are recording themselves.


Point Blank – Live Demo

Point Blank
Live Demo
1986? (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

  1. Raining in Paradise
  2. What is a Human Being?
  3. Scared Stiff
  4. Don’t be a Pious Punk
  5. You Decide
  6. Don’t Fight
  7. (preaching)
  8. Gotta Create
  9. He’s Calling You
  10. Don’t Try Suicide
  11. M.B.
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

While this is labeled as a demo, I’m not sure if it got much distribution outside of small circles. My guess is that it was recorded right after they recorded their ’86 demo, as the song “Don’t Try Suicide” is referred to as a new song and it is not on their ’86 demo. The rest of the songs are all on the demo, with only “What’s So Fun About Getting Drunk” and “God’s Not Dead” not on this tape (there are some gaps in the recording, so they could have been played that night and not recorded). The recording levels are a bit rough on this one, even for bootleg standards. Also note that this is a different live demo than the 1985 Live at the Vineyard demo.

Missing Information: who played on this?

Stone Vengeance – To Kill Evil

Stone Vengeance
To Kill Evil
1988 Lilac Records (LR1010)

Michael Coffey – Guitars, lead vocals (tracks 1, 3-5), lyrics (tracks 1, 3-5), arrangements
Anthony Starks – Bass, backing vocals, lead vocals (track 2), lyrics (track 2)
Darren Thompkins – Drums, backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. To Kill Evil
  2. Time is at Hand

Side 2:

  1. The Persecution
  2. Bullfight
  3. Malice

This is one of the earlier demos by Stone Vengeance. All of these songs here appeared later on their self-titled 1990 demo (which itself was re-issued on CD in 1988 with extra songs under the titled To Kill Evil). Most of these songs had also been released on various demos and rehearsal recordings before this one like Wrath Cometh. These songs are fast and furious mixes of speed and thrash metal. The songs on here are similar to the ones on the 1990 demo, but very different recordings of each song. There were siren and explosion sound effects in some of the songs in 1990 that were not here. “The Persecution” and “Bullfight” are noticeably shorter than later versions, while “Malice” is noticeably longer. “Bullfight” is also really different than the later version, but you can tell it is still the same song. Some great metal that probably should have gotten wider recognition.

The Quiet – This Dreaming

The Quiet
This Dreaming
1987 (no label)
Wellington, New Zealand

Belinda Bradley – Voice
Martin Robinson – Voice
Ashley Lienert – Guitars, bass
Bill Wood – Guitars, bass
Mike Yates – Drums
Perry Bradley – Sax

Side 1:

  1. Catch Your Heart
  2. Radio Silence
  3. With You, With Me

Side 2:

  1. Videophony
  2. News of the World
  3. O Babylon

The Quiet is a slightly alternative band that is mostly straight ahead rock. It’s just kind of jangly-pop enough to make it interesting to the less tribalistic alt fans, kind of like Jacob’s Trouble. The male and female lead vocalists trade off from song to song. Throw in a little bit of saxophone here and there, a bit of reggae, and a few other 80s standards, and you have the sound here. I don’t really know much else about this band beyond this release.

Ted Goodwin – Intuitively Obvious

Ted Goodwin
Intuitively Obvious
1991 (no label)
Orlando, Florida, USA

Ted Goodwin – Synthesizer, drum machine, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, miscellaneous voicings, various mangling and manipulations of tape, assorted heavy machinery

Side 1:

  1. The Age of Reason (Part 1)
  2. Intuitively Obvious
  3. Destructive Tendencies
  4. Heart Over Mind
  5. Almost Clear
  6. Just the Facts, Ma’am
  7. Believing
  8. I am Joe’s Brain

Side 2:

  1. Multiple Choice (Option A)
  2. Multiple Choice (Option B)
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Imprisoned Spirit
  5. Return to Reality
  6. Unspoken Words
  7. It’s All There for You
  8. Hidden Truth (IAJB Reprise)
  9. The Grand Assumption
  10. The Age of Reason (Part 2)

If you can’t tell by the cover, this album is a little bit different. Technically, it is almost all instrumental electronic music, but more new wave/alternative in nature. “It’s All There for You” has vocals. Buried in the middle of side 2. I hate to say Tangerine Dream as a comparison, because that still covers a lot of ground. Anyways, if you can imagine a new wave electronic band existing in the 1990s that did instrumentals, you would have the sound here. However, song lengths are all over the place – from 59 seconds to over 11 minutes. So at times there is a prog-ish long song “repetitive-but-then-suddenly-change” feeling to some songs.

Surrender 18 – Surrender 18

Surrender 18
Surrender 18
1990 (no label)
Bedminster, New Jersey, USA

Dave Urbanski – Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, feedback guitar, vocals
Jeff Van Ness – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Keith Wittel – Bass guitar, vocals
Tom Cannarella – Drums, percussion, vocals

  1. Circle of Seven
  2. Lyngillian
  3. To Begin Again
  4. A Prayer for You
  5. Springtime Eternity
  6. Inside My Heart
  7. The Only One

Surrender 18 was an alternative rock band with some slight gothic/dark leanings, as well as some punk rock intensity here and there in the music. “Inside My Heart” sounds like a mixture of early Prayer Chain and early Breakfast with Amy – even though it’s still a little too early in the 90s for that. Inspired by the same bands that inspired those two? I’m not sure based on the way members are listed who sung lead vocals, or even if it was a shared duty. It sounds like mostly the same person to me. They also have at least one other demo – 1992’s Modern Dreams. I wonder if the Dave Urbanski of this band is the same one writing for The Blaze now? Hopefully not – the guy writing for The Blaze is… problematic.

Thin Red Line – Equinox

Thin Red Line
1983 (no label)
Palmerston North, New Zealand

Karen Rush – Vocals
Dave White – Keyboards
Des Wilson – Lead guitar, acoustic solo on “River Song”, bass on “Warheads”
John O’Sullivan – Acoustic guitar
Catherine Wallace – Flute
Don Loveday – Bass
Peter Clark – Drums

Side 1:

  1. The Dominion
  2. Cousin Biko
  3. Warheads

Side 2:

  1. Equinox
  2. River Song
  3. Crossways

This appears to be one of the earliest bands from Dave White, who went on to form such bands as The Clear and Lung. However, this is far from the aggressive punk/thrash/industrial/etc music he came known for later. This is female fronted rock with slight alternative, reggae, etc leanings here and there. The songs are mostly acoustic guitar based, but with prominent keyboard and flute in many songs. Kind of a unique combination. This demo was recorded in December 1983, so I am not sure if it was released before 1984 rolled around or not. They went on to release 3-4 more demos after this one before calling it a day. The first one was either called Seclusions Paradise or Seclusion in Paradise depending on which source you read.