Human Condition (Steve Scott) / Scratch Band (The 77s) Split Live Bootleg

Human Condition/Scratch Band
Split Live Bootleg
1981 (no label)
California, USA

Side 1 – Human Condition

  1. Tower of Babel
  2. Flesh and Blood
  3. Walking on Water Wasn’t Built in a Day
  4. Safety in Numbers
  5. Walls of Tears
  6. Farthest Star
  7. No Time Like Now
  8. This Sad Music
  9. The Love U Need

Side 2 – Scratch Band

  1. Someone New
  2. Unsatisfied
  3. Ping Pong Over the Abyss
  4. Denomination Blues

This is not a true release, but as soon as I saw it in a stack of tapes to convert I had to transfer it. Who is “Human Condition” you ask, and why are they covering Steve Scott songs? This is not the Human Condition that released two CDs in the early 1990s on Image and Broken Records. Human Condition on this release is Steve Scott – not sure if he had a band that went by that name for a time, or just the person writing the notes on this didn’t know better and made something up. For those not in the know, the Scratch Band changed names to The 77s, so that is why their song titles sound familiar. This is a good quality recording, no new songs, but the Steve Scott songs definitely have slightly different arrangements than the later recorded versions did. The Scratch Band songs are separated out from each other, so they are obviously pulled from a larger set. There are some skips in the Human Condition recording, but they could have just been cutting out some chatter between songs.

Missing In formation: Who played on this?


Just the Job – Living in the Welfare State

Just the Job
Living in the Welfare State
1981 Just Records (JUST 1)
Arden, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Davie Barbour – Drums
Graham Bryce – Lead guitar, vocals
Dave MacLachlan – Bass, vocals
Paul Middleton – Lead vocals, jumps
Craig Smillie – Rhythm guitar, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Living in the Welfare State
  2. World War Three

Side 2:

  1. That’s the Way Love is
  2. Movies

“Quirky Power Pop” is how this extensive write-up of Just the Job describes their sound, and that is a pretty good place to start. Was sent to me as a trade. This is waaaay back in 1981, so think more of early 80s Power Pop than later versions of Power Pop. To me, this sound has always been a bit groovy, a bit ska, a bit new wave, and a bit punk – and Just the Job seems to nail it perfectly. You can also find a fairly informative Facebook page. On that Facebook page, the “Band Profile” link has downloads of this demo, as well as many other Just the Job songs. Also, a couple of the songs from this demo were uploaded to YouTube as well: