Point Blank – Live Demo

Point Blank
Live Demo
1986? (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

  1. Raining in Paradise
  2. What is a Human Being?
  3. Scared Stiff
  4. Don’t be a Pious Punk
  5. You Decide
  6. Don’t Fight
  7. (preaching)
  8. Gotta Create
  9. He’s Calling You
  10. Don’t Try Suicide
  11. M.B.
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

While this is labeled as a demo, I’m not sure if it got much distribution outside of small circles. My guess is that it was recorded right after they recorded their ’86 demo, as the song “Don’t Try Suicide” is referred to as a new song and it is not on their ’86 demo. The rest of the songs are all on the demo, with only “What’s So Fun About Getting Drunk” and “God’s Not Dead” not on this tape (there are some gaps in the recording, so they could have been played that night and not recorded). The recording levels are a bit rough on this one, even for bootleg standards. Also note that this is a different live demo than the 1985 Live at the Vineyard demo.

Missing Information: who played on this?

Point Blank – ‘86

Point Blank
1986 (no label)
San Diego, California, USA

Mitch Wilson
Bill Power

  1. (Don’t You Be a) Pious Punk
  2. He’s Calling You
  3. What’s So Fun About Getting Drunk
  4. God’s Not Dead
  5. Raining in Paradice
  6. What is a Human Being
  7. Scared Stiff
  8. Got to Create
  9. No More Blood
  10. Don’t Fight
  11. You Decide
  12. Baby in a Bottle
  13. I See You Devil
  14. Amen

For those that didn’t know, this is one of the first bands that Bill Power of Blenderhead fame was in. Apparently the band was first called “Pontius Pilate & The Pious Punks,” but decided to change their name to Point Blank right before releasing this demo. If I remember correctly, they didn’t release anything under the earlier name. At one time, this was available for purchase on BandCamp, but I can’t find if it is any more or not. Anyways, this is mid-80s punk rock – a bit alternative here and there, a bit skate rock here and there, but still punk rock. This was also pre-pop punk, so all of the tough edges that pop punk smoothed out are on full display here. A nice bit of early Christian punk history here. Also of note is that there are several different color versions of the cover – they probably printed it up on a pack of various colored pieces of paper.