Graham Palmer – If the Face Fits

Graham Palmer
If the Face Fits
1984 Stride
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

Graham Palmer – Vocals
Leszek Gasiorek – Synth
Chris Gasiorek – Synth, bass
Brian Freeney – Guitar
Paul Freeney – Drums
Justin Fisher – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Creation
  2. Pavement Gazing
  3. Firework Factory
  4. Down Where the Children Played
  5. Monkey Puzzle Tree
  6. Music as Music
  7. The Anvil
  8. Suburban Nightmare
  9. Cybernetic Alternative
  10. Masterclass
  11. Cat & Mouse
  12. The Identi-Kit People’s Revolt

Side 2:

  1. Darkened Danger
  2. Out on the Tiles
  3. ‘I was Here’
  4. The Blue-Movie Blues
  5. Two Faced
  6. Hampton Court
  7. Remix (by ‘Graham goes to Hanwell’)
  8. The Lunatic
  9. Skydrop
  10. Song of the Firebird

While this looks like a really long album, most of the tracks are under 2 minutes long – many being less than a minute. Only two barely clock in over 2 minutes. This is mostly a spoken word project. There is music underneath the words, but mostly as sound effects and ambiance. Occasionally something like “Monkey Puzzle Tree” comes blaring out with near-punk intensity… but only lasts 43 seconds. There are also songs like “Music as Music” which has a kind of… circus-like alt rock groove under the spoken words? As you can see from the song titles, the song themes are all over the place. This is from the same label that brought us acts like Face in the Crowd and Griff.

Centre of Gravity

Centre of Gravity
1985 Stride
Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

Side 1:

  1. Pacific 231 – Psycho Moon
  2. Pacific 231 – Gare De L’est 1943
  3. The Dangerous Bros – On 45
  4. Vox Populi – Pygmies in the Park
  5. Vox Populi – Mind
  6. Vox Populi – Glassy Stare
  7. Face in the Crowd – Clown
  8. Face in the Crowd – Love is Like a Cancer

Side 2:

  1. Griff – Wrant – U – Wrant
  2. Griff – Poser
  3. Griff – Match’s Mate
  4. Celestial Orgy – Pig to the Abbatoir
  5. Celestial Orgy – Feminist
  6. Celestial Orgy – Maths
  7. Inlaws and Outlaws – Foot Inside Your Door
  8. Face in the Crowd – Summer Fool
  9. Face in the Crowd – A Strong Voice
  10. Face in the Crowd – Justice

This is a mysterious compilation from Stride that serves up several songs from mostly noise/industrial/experimental bands – with a few exceptions. So who is on it? First off is Pacific 231, a noise/experimental project by Pierre Jolivet of Paris that has been going since the early 80s. If the band name sounds kind of familiar to you, Pacific 231 has been on some split albums with Psyclones, also an early noise/industrial band that was composed of Brian Ladd (aka Blackhouse) and Julie Frith. I can’t find these songs listed on any Pacific 231 releases, so they might be exclusive to this comp? I can’t find any information on The Dangerous Bros, but they appear to be an experimental free-form band with guitars. Vox Populi has also collaborated with Pacific 231, but is a band from France that has been around since the early 80s. They have an experimental noise sound as well, with some vocals and instruments. Face in the Crowd has released many tapes in the Christian tape underground, usually of a more experimental band sound, with some spoken word parts, some sung parts, random instrument playing, etc. Griff has also been featured here before, but he is experimental folk rock with an extreme British sense of humor. Don’t know much about Celestial Orgy, but it seems they only have compilation appearances listed on Discogs. They appear to be the closest thing to a rock band on here – definitely some alternative guitar and drums, but still more experimental than most alt rock. When they hit the high pitched vocals, it almost reminds me of Danielson. Inlaws and Outlaws is another band I can’t find much on, but they also are the most traditional industrial/electronic band on the compilation (although many others use industrial elements).