Autumn Rose – Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose
1988 (no label)
Orange County, California, USA

Michael Misiuk – Vocals, guitars
John Magness – Drums
Laura Misiuk – BGV’s

  1. I Will Be There
  2. In Love Again
  3. I Surrender

So there really wasn’t much information on this demo, but at some point I came across the member list online somewhere. Michael and Laura Misiuk would go on to form Acoustic Shack after this demo. You can definitely tell it is them on this demo, although the sound here is closer to Michael’s later work in the Kreepdowns. There is also a noticeable influence of early Violet Burning, which would make sense as the Misiuk’s were connected to Michael Pritzl (Laura is his sister, and Michael has been a member of the band). None of these songs made it on to Acoustic Shack albums, and as far as I know their next recording was the 1990 Acoustic Shack demo. Michael also had at least one solo demo before this called The Bride sometime around 1986 that I have never heard.

Acoustic Shack – Demo

Acoustic Shack
1990? (no label)

Michael Misiuk – Lead vocals, guitars
Laura Misiuk – Background vocals

  1. Little Boy
  2. Run Soldier Run
  3. Dedicated Man
  4. Love Drug
  5. Waiting for the Last

I am not sure if this is one demo or a collection of songs. These were some tracks sent to me a while back. Despite their name, the band has proven to be more of an electric-guitar based alternative rock band, and that is true on here as well. Most of the songs here only seem to be on this demo, except for “Waiting for the Last” which re-appeared on 1993’s Frett Buzz (Broken Records) in a much different format. I think that “Little Boy” was also re-written into something else, but can’t place it right now. To be honest, these songs sound closer to Michael’s later band The Kreepdowns than Acoustic Shack. I wonder if these were Misiuk demos that got labeled Acoustic Shack songs incorrectly later?

Missing Information: Cover scans, who played drums?