Camel Society Kings – A Pile of Stones

Camel Society Kings
A Pile of Stones
19?? (no label)
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Michael Angelino – Vocals, guitars
Anthony Lancenese – Bass, vocals
David – Guitars
Jeff – Drums

  1. Always (Under Your Hair)
  2. Another Stone
  3. The Stranger

This was a surprise – I have heard two other Camel Society Kings demo tapes, but wasn’t aware of this one. No date on this tape, but from what I can fins online this would be their third demo. They are still doing the alternative rock thing well, with some DIY influences. Kind of somewhere between Absence of Ceramics, Blue Trapeze, and Black Carnation. Well, until they hit the rockabilly influenced “The Stranger.” But overall, a short but awesome rare demo find here.

Missing Information: What year was this released? What are David and Jeff’s last names?


Mark Heard – Demo Stuff

Mark Heard
Demo Stuff
1989? (no label)

Mark Heard – Vocals, guitars, other instruments?

  1. Lonely Road
  2. House of Broken Dreams
  3. Nobody’s Looking
  4. All She Wanted Was Love
  5. Look Over Your Shoulder
  6. It Will Rise
  7. Our Restless Hearts

Kind of a mysterious release. What you see on the cover was all there was to it. No year, no track names, no list of who played on it, nothing. Listening to it, these are well-recorded demos with Mark’s excellent song writing shining through beautifully. Thankfully, Mark also has massively devoted fans – so it was easy to find the names of most of the songs on this demo since all of his lyrics are online. Most of these songs were released in 1990 on Dry Bones Dance, except for “Look Over Your Shoulder” which was released on Second Hand and “It Will Rise” – which doesn’t seem to be on any other albums that I can find. If they are demos, then they could have been recorded anytime between 1987’s Tribal Opera and 1990. I am guessing 1989 just because it seems logical. But I could be wrong. Also, it sounds like some of these songs were recorded live to tape – meaning there were other people than Heard playing at least bass and drums. The versions on this tape are similar to the ones later recorded, but there are noticeable differences, or even new instruments added on the official released versions. Still pretty cool for that one unreleased song (if it really is that and I am not missing something).

Dead to Sin – Practice

Dead to Sin
198? (no label)
California, USA?

Richard Carlstedt?

Side 1:

  1. God’s Not Dead
  2. Jesus is God
  3. I Love You
  4. Jesus Loves Me
  5. Kill the Abortion
  6. Dear Jesus Prayer

Side 2:

  1. Satan Sucks
  2. Banned
  3. King of Kings, Lord of Lords
  4. Don’t Turn Your Back on Jesus Christ

This is a bit of a mystery tape. All that I have is what you see pictured above. The sound is pretty much straight forward loud and brash street punk. I took a guess at song titles based on what was repeated most in the chorus (“Jesus Loves Me” and “King of Kings, Lord of Lords” are cover songs). I do have another demo called A Promise of Hope by a band called Dead to Sin, but that tape is barely rock. It sounds nothing like this tape. A few people have mentioned a band called Dead to Sin led by Richard Carlstedt of The Israelites. But that other demo has no one named any form of Richard Carlstedt in it. Are there two different bands? Also, the rock Dead to Sin is from Canada, but Crazed Bunnyz from California mention talking to Richard from the other Dead to Sin after a concert. My best guess is that this tape is the California punk band led by Richard Carlstedt, but I could be wrong. Either way, this tape is obviously a practice session and rough around the edges, but the band gets punk rock and puts out some good (practice-level) punk rock.

Missing Information: Song titles, release date, who played on this?

Double Edge – Demo

Double Edge
198? (no label)
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

  1. Ripples in the Water
  2. Cry From Inside
  3. Oh Death, Where is Thy Sting?
  4. Wake Up

This demo starts off really mellow – the first track has you thinking this is cheesy rock-ish muzak from the 80s. Even the second song starts off with mellow piano, and I was ready to check out. But about a minute in they throw in a random distorted guitar lick and I was like: what is this? After about 2 minutes, a harder rock track does kick in – not too bad, but not really metal. The third track is full on metal with some prog-y keyboard flourishes, making you re-assess whether the first two were also prog-ish? Probably not. Or maybe? The fourth track is straight up commercial metal – definitely the best track on the album. I never can figure out why bands put such mellow tracks first – metal heads would bail when the second track starts (if not earlier), and pop fans would bail as soon as the guitars kick in. But this definitely a tape for metal heads overall. The big question: who are these guys? They don’t list band members or a release date. I can’t find anything online about this. They even took the time to list the tracks on side 2, even though it is a repeat of side 1. The weirder thing is that there is also a band from Little Rock called Double Edged. They sound kind of similar, but not really. I checked, and there are no repeat songs between the two demos. Same band? Or did one of these bands evolve into the other with a slight name change to denote change in players? Just two random bands from the same city that both refused to put much info on their j-cards? The world may never know….

Missing Information: date of release, who played on this?

Babo – The First Time

The First Time
1991 (no label)
Doorwerth, Netherlands

Gerco Mons – Singing, guitar
Marcel Mons – Bass
Alexander Bijl – Solo guitar
Oscar Pathuis – Drums, keyboards
Andre Venema – Techniek

  1. Bye Bye Color
  2. First Love
  3. The Letter
  4. John
  5. Marianne
  6. De Jet van Tante Jet

This would have probably been put off until later in the que for digitization, until I noticed that they do a cover of L.S.U.’s “Bye Bye Color.” Well, it is song with the lyrics to “Bye Bye Color” over a completely different musical arrangement. The band is from the Netherlands, and I had to translate some terms above from Dutch. But I couldn’t find out what “Techniek” translates to other than “Technics.” Stage show I guess? Anyways, the sound is kind of alternative rock with some mod and surf rock leanings. It reminds me of what Surprise Surprise did sometimes in the early days.

White Ray – 2-Song Demo

White Ray
19?? (no label)
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. Charades Behind Glass

For those that don’t know, White Ray was the band that got signed to R.E.X. Music and changed names to Killed by Cain as their sound evolved into a more modern direction. They had also won a new band competition at Cornerstone in 1991 and signed to Image Records before their name change. However, Image Records went under before they could record, so there was a rumor they would go with Star Song Records (who wanted them before Image). But apparently that never happened. Not sure of the date on this demo, but they sound like a more metallic version of Killed by Cain here. “Charades Behind Glass” seems to also be on their First Sin demo (mostly the same version, just an obviously different recording), but “Schizophrenia” seems to be exclusive here. Two really good songs – you can see why they were signed. Hopefully the planned demo collection by Retroactive Records will come to pass (meaning, hopefully the band will get the songs to the record label, as the label has already announced their commitment to the release).

Missing Information: year of release, who played on this demo?

Outcast – Far Out

Far Out
198? (no label)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Don – Guitar, vocals
Mark – Bass, vocals
Christian – Drums

Side 1:

  1. In a World
  2. To the Sky
  3. Walkin’ Down the Street
  4. I Hear a Voice
  5. Marching to Hell
  6. Put Your Life in Jesus’ Hands

Side 2:

  1. One Nation Under God?
  2. Have You Ever

Based on the way the cover is designed, I wasn’t sure if this tape is called Far Out, or Free Concerts. I went with Far Out because it is on the cover itself. This might have been recorded live – or at least part of it – since there is some crowd noise captured at the beginning of the second track. The second track was also featured on Jeani Bond’s New Generation radio show back in the day. I was kind of expecting punk based on the fact there are three members, and the name sounds punk-ish. But this turned out to be moody, deeply reflective sounding 80s alternative rock. I am not really sure what date it was recorded, though. Also, there were no track names given, so I made up the ones listed above. Pretty solid effort – just a lot of mysteries about this recording.

Missing Information: track names, band members’ last names, release date.