Emmaus Road – It’s No Rumor

Emmaus Road
It’s No Rumor
198? (no label)
Holland, Michigan, USA

Side 1:

  1. We’ve Got Spirit
  2. Sing Your Own Song
  3. Cephas / Psalm 96

Side 2:

  1. Who am I
  2. Road to Emmaus
  3. Allegory

Still no list of members on this tape by Emmaus Road like their Parents Asunder cassingle. Also no date, either. But the same person is listed as a contact, so I assume this is the same band. This tape seems to have a bit more of a prog feel to it (slightly, not a huge difference), along with some more classic rock influences here and there (everything from AC/DC to Billy Joel). Male and female lead vocals on this one, whereas the Parents Asunder cover shows only men in the band.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played on it?

AZ-U-R – Demo

19?? (no label)
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

William Price
Jeffrey Wilson

  1. I Pledge Allegiance
  2. Saved and Sanctified
  3. Drawing Lines

For some reason, I was expecting this to be metal. But it starts off kind of like a gothic alternative rock band with pop sensibilities. Also a bit of romantic modern rock leanings. I kind of like it, and I know there are better ways to describe the sound, but my mind is blanking right now. They grow a bit more pop-oriented as the songs progress, but there are three great songs here if you like well-written songs. The third song is almost a bit heavier version of euro-pop even. If you remember a band called Millions & Millions, they remind me a bit of a more alternative learning version of that band. Not much info about the band other than what is on the card above, so I don’t know much of where they went after this.

Missing Information: Who played what on this? What year was it released?

Peculiar People – 4-Song Demo

Peculiar People
4-Song Demo
19?? (no label)

  1. We Think It Stinks
  2. No, Spot, No!
  3. Lies You Teach
  4. You Love Me

Female-fronted punk rock with some hard rock groove (kind of like One Bad Pig would do from time to time). Not much information on this one, but I don’t think it is the same band as the Peculiar People Band out of South Africa. But I could be wrong. I took a guess at the song titles above. There is also a hidden track at the end that is basically the band goofing off while singing “Have a Nice Day.” The yelled intro to the first song indicates this is a 5-person band, but I never really hear more than one guitar playing at a time.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played on it? What are the song titles?

Straight Up – Demo

Straight Up

  1. Search It Out
  2. This Time
  3. Joy of a Lifetime

Well, this was kind of a surprise. What you see on the cover is all you get, and based on all the other demos I got, I was expecting this to be a generic rock project. Nope. It’s a pop leaning New Jack Swing project, kind of somewhere between Spunkadelic and Janet Jackson. Probably leaning more towards Janet Jackson because she was briefly adding some crunchy guitars into some songs, which is what they do here as well. Female lead vocals, with male and female backing vocals and rap interludes. The second track is a CCM-ish ballad, and then back to the new jack rock. Maybe even more Euro-pop on the last track? Hard to say. Might just be a mix of all of the above. No songs titles on the tape, so I took a guess at them above.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played on it? What are the song titles?

Paul Foster & Gary Samuel – Demos

Paul Foster & Gary Samuel
198? (no label)

Paul Foster – Vocals
Gary Samuel – Vocals, keyboards, drum programming

  1. Solid Ground
  2. Talking Faces
  3. Listen
  4. Love Comes Free

Not really sure about what the stylistic goal of this demo was – its definitely rock, played on keyboards with synthesized drums. Not techno or new wave – mostly straight up rock in sound. But that could be due to the limitations of playing keyboards. Not sure who the two people on the demo are – members of some other band that went solo, or two friends that decided to make music despite having limited access to other musicians? If they had veered a bit more towards cheese this would come across as lounge music. Some of the effects they used almost gives it a Caribbean cruise cover band feel.

Rescue – Demo Tape

Demo Tape
198? (no label)
Arkansas, USA

Rowland Smith

  1. Rescue
  2. Livin’ Easy
  3. Just Believe

I thought this might be the hard rock/punk band from Detroit, but it seems this is a hard rock/metal band from Arkansas. No other details on this one other than what is on the tape above. Male and female lead vocals, with a kind of keyboard commercial pop metal sound. The first song is kind of like Danger Danger meets Petra. The second songs has an “acoustic version of Saraya” feel. The third song is back to the sound of the first song, maybe a bit more metal than hard rock. It’s a little muddy in the production department , and nothing original about this sound, but they do write and play the songs well.

Missing Information: Song titles, who played on this.

Messenger – Demo

19?? (no label)

  1. Same as You
  2. Wonder Why
  3. Rescue Me

I grabbed this thinking it might be a metal band called Messenger, but the sound is more power pop/roots rock/retrorock. Kind of like a mix of Brighton, Rick Elias, and Jacob’s Trouble. I can’t really find much else about this band, so I am not sure if they recorded anything else beyond this.

Missing information: What year was this released? Who played on it?

No Laughing Matter – Not For Sale

No Laughing Matter
Not For Sale
198? (no label)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

  1. Torn
  2. Closer Than a Heart Beat
  3. Dare
  4. CFV – Miracles
  5. Pain Can Sometimes Kill
  6. Requiem Mass for Oral Roberts

This tape actually didn’t have a name – I just called it “Not for Sale” because that was the only other words on it. It seems this is possibly a recording of a practice session of some kind. About half of the songs here were released elsewhere. “Torn” was on Underground: Brains for the Stupid in 1987. “Closer Than a Heartbeat” only appears in live form on Live Bootleg Skate Concert in 1987. “CF5 – Miracles” appeared on Volume One – Discernment in – you guessed it – 1987. The other three songs only seem to appear here, and they mostly don’t sound like early versions of other songs. “Requiem Mass for Oral Roberts” does sound familiar, so it might have been renamed something else on another tape. Interesting to hear unreleased songs, even though it is kind of a rough, raw practice session feel to it.

Missing Information: What years was this released? Who played on it?

Justice – Demo

198? (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Red Handed Rebel
  2. His Name is Jesus
  3. Live On

Side 2:

  1. There’s a Voice

Not much on this band out there beyond what is on the tape label. This is basically 80s heavy metal, kind of like a less heavy Leviticus with an American singer. Its got that same raw fuzzy energy that the first Leviticus album had. Except that it it a lot muddier in the production department. As far as I can tell, this is not the same band that released Counting Down in 1992, but I could be wrong. Since this is from the Dan Kennedy collection, at some point this was probably reviewed in the Cutting Edge, but I haven’t found that review yet.

Missing Information: What year was this released? Who played on it?

Christian Hardcore – Volume 1

Christian Hardcore Volume 1
198? (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Undercover – God Rules
  2. Bad Brains – Destroy Babylon
  3. Bad Brains – Coptic Times
  4. Bad Brains – Joshua’s Song
  5. Scaterd Few – Death (live)
  6. Scaterd Few – Untitled (live)
  7. Scaterd Few – D.I.T.C. (live)
  8. Scaterd Few – God is Right (live)
  9. Scaterd Few – P.T.T.C.P. (live)
  10. Scaterd Few – Gave Us Life (live)
  11. Scaterd Few – Anti-Ape (live)
  12. Scaterd Few – Scapegoat (live)
  13. AOTC – AOTC (live)
  14. AOTC – In the Silence (live)
  15. AOTC – Legalized Christian (live)
  16. AOTC – The World (live)
  17. AOTC – Free (live)
  18. AOTC – Down to Earth (live)
  19. AOTC – No Religion (live)
  20. Circle One – Social Climbing Leeches
  21. Circle One – Beware
  22. Circle One – Gospel

Side 2:

  1. Circle One – Our Sword
  2. The FI – Being a Christian (live)
  3. The FI – Surf Instrumental (live)
  4. The FI – I’ve Got Better Things to Do (live)
  5. The FI – I’m Bored (live)
  6. The FI – Owl Oppression (live)
  7. The FI – Only One Way (live)
  8. The FI – King Jesus (live)
  9. The FI – National Defense (live)
  10. GVA – The Christ (live)
  11. GVA – God is My Rock (live)
  12. GVA – No More (live)
  13. GVA – Thank You (live)
  14. GVA – Amazing Grace (live)
  15. Undercover – Wait a Minute (live)
  16. Undercover – I’ll Be a Fool
  17. Undercover – Who Am I? (live)
  18. Undercover – Where Can I Go (live)
  19. Undercover – Pilate (live)

This is basically a dubbed home mix tape that collects some rare early Christian punk/hardcore (the 80s version, not the 90s version) demos and live songs. Many of these live songs seem to have been recorded at actual shows by the person that created this tape (which is speculated to be David Joo of Zine of the Times). No idea of the date – the latest studio recording on here was 1983. Some of the live stuff from Scaterd Few was recorded in 1983-1984, but there are also some live versions of stuff from Sin Disease in there. They sound like earlier versions, though.  GVA existed between 1984 and 1985. The live stuff from Undercover was from albums that were released up until 1986. Several of the other bands were just know as “mid to late 1980s.” So my guess would be at least 1984 or 1985.

The tape starts off with one Undercover track (from their album of the same name), and then skips to the very end to include some more tracks. These are all live tracks except for “I’ll be a Fool,” which is taken from their S/T album. The live tracks are not from their 3/27/87 album, so I don’t think they have been released anywhere else.

The Bad Brains songs were apparently chosen because they were the most “spiritual” of their songs – It seems these three songs were taken from the I and I Survive ep, even though they also all appear on the Rock for Light full-length as well.

The Scaterd Few songs are an interesting collection. The first two songs (“Death” and “Untitled”) are live versions of songs (or recorded live at a practice session) of songs on Out of the Attic, but I don’t think these recordings have been released. The next two songs (“D.I.T.C.” and “God is Right”) as well as the last song (“Scapegoat”)are live versions of songs that were released on Sin Disease (“God is Right” was re-named to “Self” on Sin Disease). I am guessing they are earlier versions as they sound different than the later recordings. The other three songs (“P.T.T.C.P.,” “Gave Us Life,” and “Anti-Ape”) are from the Out of the Attic tape (although there seems to be slightly more in-between song chatter captured on this tape – maybe dubbed from the same source tapes that the Out of the Attic songs were edited from?). So some kind of rare stuff there?

AOTC stands for Association of the Cross – an early Christian punk band that released a couple of live demos. The songs here seem to be selected and edited from their Live at Val’s demo. There is a song on this tape called “No Religion” that was not on the dubbed copy of Live at Val’s that I have heard. It might have been left off the copy I heard, or never released, but either way, it is a new song for me to hear at least.

The Circle One tracks are taken pretty much straight from their Patterns of Force album.

The FI stands for The Faith Injectors – another early Christian punk band that seems to have only released live demos. I have really only heard about 4 songs by them up until now. Three of those were on here (“Being a Christian,” “I’ve Got Better Things to Do,” and “King Jesus”). The rest of the song titles I had to guess at. The funny thing is that you can hear someone say “hey, I have an AOTC tape in the car…” while they are playing the first song. It kind of shows how interconnected many of these early bands were. They seem to mix traditional punk with some skate punk and even a surf punk instrumental. I don’t know what the name of that instrumental is, so I just called it “Surf Instrumental.”

GVA stands for God’s Victorious Army. They were an early band that featured Burrito of The Warning, 8-Ball Cholos, etc. So they mix a lot of the chaos that Burrito is known for in with punk rock. I also can’t really hear the vocals so I have no idea to even guess what the song titles are. I basically named each track based on whatever words I could make out. It’s pretty cool, different music. I just have no idea what the song titles are (except for the last one that he announces).