Derek Lind – Strange Logic

Derek Lind
Strange Logic
1988 Someone Up There Records (SUTC 107)
Auckland, New Zealand

Derek Lind – Vocals; 6, 12, and high-strung acoustic guitars, electric and slide guitars
Dave Bridgeman – Electric guitar, lap steel
Guy Wishart – Electric, slide, and acoustic guitar
Pale Sauni – Bass guitar, percussion
Alan Brown – Synthesizers, acoustic piano, casio-tone
Steve Garden – Drums
Steve Garden – Percussion
Ra Lind – Backing vocals
Shona Sauni – Backing vocals
Adrianna Pink – Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. Strange Logic
  2. Any Other Way
  3. Give You My Life
  4. A Friend
  5. Local Body Politics
  6. Waiting on You

Side 2:

  1. State of Play
  2. Questions That Need Asking
  3. A Man Who is Without
  4. Rhyming Dictionary
  5. God of Plenty

This tape was a frustrating transfer. The tape was just too stretched out or something to get a good rip of the first song, no matter how many different ways I tried. Some tapes just need to be played once to get past the decades of being stuck together unplayed on a spool. Not this one. There is probably some major damage. Luckily, the first song on here was also released on Lind’s Salvo Songs compilation, so I can find a good quality version of it for sale many places. “Strange Logic,” “Waiting on You,” and “State of Play” are all on Salvo Songs as well, but the other 8 songs are not. This is a very rare tape to find. Which is too bad – it’s a great tape of Rock/American/Folk like his other albums (Slippery Ground from 1993 and Stations from 1995 are probably the ones you are mostly likely to have heard of… possibly…). Oddly enough, though, you can find several videos on YouTube from this album:


Christ-Win’s Band – Smokin’ Crack

Christ-Win’s Band
Smokin’ Crack
1985 C-Wins Records (112)

Win Thompkins – Songwriter, producer, and ???
Troy Thompkins – Guitars
John Simcic – Tracks(?)

Side 1:

  1. Highest Praise
  2. From Rock to Rock
  3. Trading Rings
  4. He’s a Heroe

Side 2:

  1. Smoking Crack
  2. God is Every Good Thing
  3. Candidate for Jesus

With a band name and demo name like this, I was expecting something out there. Maybe a bad attempt at heavy metal, or even a humorous blues bar band or something. This is really mostly rock music with some electro-funk leanings here and there, as well as a slight reggae sound occasionally. Also a slight blues influence on the guitar solos. So I guess I had that part right. Also, there is some confusion over who did what on this tape. Are Troy and Win the same person, or different? If different, I assume Win also did the vocals? What does “Tracks” mean? Did John do all other instruments on a keyboard? Because it sounds like that might be the case. So was it Win on vocals (since the band is named after him), Troy on guitars, and John doing everything else?

Mark Kissinger – Narcotica

Mark Kissinger
1989 Independent
Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA

Mark Kissinger – Guitars, drum machine

  1. Hysterics
  2. Collapsible Fog I-Beam
  3. Huxley’s Ride
  4. Core
  5. Waterless Places
  6. Praise
  7. Just After Cranreuch
  8. Time Memory Design
  9. The Endless Fall
  10. Vacant Purpose
  11. Plane Geometry

While reading through an old issue of The Cutting Edge, I came across a review of Narcotica that intrigued me. I did a quick search online and found that all three demo tapes by Mark Kissinger are all free at I don’t know if I will do reviews for the other two (Mid Life Crisis from 1991 and They’re Different From Us from 1992) as they also have a similar sound. This is instrumental guitar rock – but not really shredder metal rock like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. Although fans of that music will have plenty of tasty solos to chew on here. This really falls somewhere in between shredder metal and David Bowie, or maybe even Unwed Sailor. There are some rockers on here, some cool weirdness, and some gentler contemplative moments as well. But all of these tapes clock in at a little over 40 minutes, so they are not marathon listening sessions like some of these “guitar instrumental” types end up being.

The Electric Praise Band – The Electric Praise Album

The Electric Praise Band
The Electric Praise Album
1986 (no label)
Merritt Island, Florida, USA

Darrell Mansfield – Vocals on “Let Our God Be Magnified”
Kelly Williard – Vocals on “No Other Love”
Alwyn Wall – Vocals on “Wait on the Lord”
Malcolm Wild – Vocals on “O Lord We’ve Come to Worship You” and “King of All Creation”

Side 1:

  1. O Lord We’ve Come to Worship You
  2. No Other Love
  3. King of All Creation
  4. I Stand in Awe of You
  5. You Are Lovely

Side 2:

  1. Let Our God Be Magnified
  2. Wait on the Lord
  3. Let the Heavens Rejoice
  4. You are My King
  5. Holy is Your Name
  6. The Lord God Reigns

This tape kind of rides the line between demo and professional tape – it is a studio (non-live) praise and worship album (released on tape and vinyl) featuring some big name vocalists on a few tracks. It was well recorded and put together – all it is really missing is a record label logo. If you listened to Vineyard worship albums from this time frame, the sound is about the same. This is rock worship that is never hard rock, but also not afraid to rock out. Mansfield’s track sounds a bit like his blues hard rock, and Wall’s song sounds a bit new-wave-ish. Some songs like “Let the Heavens Rejoice” also work as a good rock song to listen to even if you don’t want to sing them as worship songs. There is a long list of players and vocalists that you can read above.

Mark Heard – Demo Stuff

Mark Heard
Demo Stuff
1989? (no label)

Mark Heard – Vocals, guitars, other instruments?

  1. Lonely Road
  2. House of Broken Dreams
  3. Nobody’s Looking
  4. All She Wanted Was Love
  5. Look Over Your Shoulder
  6. It Will Rise
  7. Our Restless Hearts

Kind of a mysterious release. What you see on the cover was all there was to it. No year, no track names, no list of who played on it, nothing. Listening to it, these are well-recorded demos with Mark’s excellent song writing shining through beautifully. Thankfully, Mark also has massively devoted fans – so it was easy to find the names of most of the songs on this demo since all of his lyrics are online. Most of these songs were released in 1990 on Dry Bones Dance, except for “Look Over Your Shoulder” which was released on Second Hand and “It Will Rise” – which doesn’t seem to be on any other albums that I can find. If they are demos, then they could have been recorded anytime between 1987’s Tribal Opera and 1990. I am guessing 1989 just because it seems logical. But I could be wrong. Also, it sounds like some of these songs were recorded live to tape – meaning there were other people than Heard playing at least bass and drums. The versions on this tape are similar to the ones later recorded, but there are noticeable differences, or even new instruments added on the official released versions. Still pretty cool for that one unreleased song (if it really is that and I am not missing something).

Maury & The West – Songs of the Nation

Maury & The West
Songs of the Nation
1987 (no label)
Austin, Texas, USA

Maury Millican – Guitars, lead vocals
Linda Millican – Keyboards, vocals
Cal Nicholson – Drums, vocals
Kelly Butler – Bass guitar, vocals

Side 1:

  1. Something You Said
  2. The Salesman
  3. All That I Am

Side 2:

  1. It Hurts to be Broken
  2. Let the Wicked Fall
  3. I Wait

I thought something looked familiar about this demo. It turns out that this is the same tape as The Nation with a different band name and cover. Well, the cover is actually mostly the same – seems they just traded out the front photo and spine. The songs are also the same, so this was apparently just a name change. But it’s not like they were trying to hide it as they called the demo Songs of the Nation. It’s still a great tape, even on the second run through it.

Chosen Generation – Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation
Chosen Generation
1990 (no label)
Springfield, Virginia, USA

Tiffany Brizzi – Vocals
Kevin Virnelson – Guitars, vocals
Eric Rose – Keyboards
Mark McKeehan – Bass
David Koch – Drums, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Just Like I Am
  2. I Love You Lord
  3. Anywhere With Jesus

Side 2:

  1. Pressing On
  2. Faith in Him
  3. He’s Coming in the Clouds

For some reason, I thought this would be a hard rock / heavy metal band. But it is nowhere close to that – it is pretty much straight ahead rock. Nothing metal or alternative or folk or whatever about it. Just straight up old time rock n’ roll. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, I am just not sure if anyone was listening to this sound in 1990. “Anywhere With Jesus” has a scorching guitar solo that would have been the envy of any guitar shredder back in the day. But none of them would have listened to this point.