2000 DC – Nothing is Neutral

2000 DC
Nothing is Neutral
1983 (no label)
Barcelona, Spain

Jesus Villaverde
Agustin Melguizo
Jose Media

Side 1:

  1. Relax
  2. Radioactive-Move
  3. If You Think…

Side 2:

  1. Nothing is Neutral
  2. Speed
  3. Armed Forces Day

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tape – the titles have English and Spanish translations, but there is nothing to indicate what style this would be. They also don’t say who plays what instrument, which can often be the sign of cheesy pop rock. But this seems to be a pretty rocking trio that borders on punk or hard rock here and there. Definitely not the cheesy pop rock I thought I might be in for. The playing is a bit rough in a few places in ways that some practice could have tightened up, but this does add to the overall garage feel. All of the lyrics are mostly in Spanish, but there are some in English – enough to make sure all English speakers know they are a Christian band.

Secret Agent – Demo

Secret Agent
198? (no label)

  1. You are the Reason
  2. Come on Up
  3. I Can Feel Your Love
  4. Time is Chang’in
  5. Good Pretender

The name of the band sounds kind of new wave/punk-ish, but then the first song starts off with a really mid-80s commercial metal sounding intro. When the full song kicks in, it is pretty much keyboard-driven hard rock. Kind of somewhere between Bad English and MSG. The second track is a keyboard ballad, but the third track comes rockin’ back (hard rock, that is). The final two songs are middle of road rock, putting the whole tape in the rock category more than the hard or heavy category overall. I can’t find any more information about this demo beyond what is on the tape above, so I don’t know who played on it or what year it came out. I would guess mid to late 80s, but you never know.

Missing Information: Who played on this, what year was it released?

Barngrover/Light – Living on the Outside

Living on the Outside
198? CRS Records
Huntington Beach, California, USA

Written, Performed and produced by Robert Barngrover and Stephen Light
Additional vocals: Dorothy Light

Side 1:

  1. Days Like These
  2. Living on the Outside
  3. Surf City Revisited

Side 2:

  1. I Want to Go There with You
  2. History 101
  3. The World Turns On

This is not the first Barngrover/Light tape I have heard of, but it is the first to make it on this blog. Robert Barngrover and Stephen Light played together under the Barngrover/Light moniker from 1979 to 1992, so I am not sure what era this tape was released in. I think I have it narrowed down the 80s, if that helps :). The sound is a blues-influenced rock sound that borders on hard rock here and there. They have also been known to explore folk and progressive rock as well, but they seem to stick with rock on this tape. While they usually have a full band on most of releases I have seen, they are apparently handling all the instruments themselves here. They also note that “Living on the Outside” was recorded with their former band Blue Shift.

(R+R) Ministries – Demo

(R+R) Ministries
198? (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Jesus Christ is Coming
  2. Freedom
  3. Peace
  4. Jesus Christ is Coming (reprise)
  5. The Homeless Few

Side 2:

  1. Freedom
  2. Peace
  3. Lord You Pick Me Up

I had wondered if this was a Glenn Rowlands demo, since he recorded for a while under some name with “R&R” in the name. But, it is not. The handwritten tape label expands the band name to “(R+R) Ministries.“ This band/ministry keeps the sound pretty middle of the road rock, with some parts of the first song that get kind of hard-rock-ish. The horns (not ska) in the song keep it from ever going hard, though. The songs are catchy (but also a bit basic), with a slight bit of groove and funk in the mix as well. Male & female vocals trade off lead vocals. Not much other information other than what is on the tape. No date, but I would guess mid 80s maybe? Also no idea who R or R is. And yes, they do only list three songs on the cover, but end up with 8 songs. I took a guess at the song title of track 5 on side 1. Side 2 starts off with a repeat of pretty much the exact same versions of “Freedom” and “Peace” as on side 1, before adding another unlisted song that I also had to guess the title for. Odd.

Missing information: Who played on this, what year was it released, and any other information

Alliance – Spiritual Battle

Spiritual Battle
1986 (no label)
West Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Lonnie Smith – Vocals, keyboards
Garry Bruce – Guitars
Steve Eason – Bass
Tracy Hollingsworth – Drums

Gary Davis – Additional keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Running in the Night
  2. Selfish Ambition
  3. Party Girl

Side 2:

  1. Instant Gratification
  2. Spiritual Battle

This is an earlier demo by the same Alliance that put out Answer Beyond the Pieces in 1988. If the cover has you thinking that maybe the band used to be a lot heavier and they went lighter for Beyond the Pieces, you would be…. wrong. This is lighter rock and more 80s than their later demo. I know the cover looks metal, but to be honest, many non-metal bands went for this art style back in the mid to early 80s. They do still rock out on tunes like “Selfish Ambition,” but it is a mid-80s rock out more than a metal rock out. Before this demo, they were known as Exodus and put out a demo called From Darkness to Light in 1984 that I have not heard.

The Juggernauts – Wild!

The Juggernauts
1989 (no label)
Ingle Farm, South Australia

Cameron Emerald – Lead vocals
Milo MinderBinder – Guitars
Golden Gordon – Bass
Ruby Orbison – Keyboards
Keith Maniac – Drums

Chris Soole – Saxophone
David Gardiner – Trombone
Mark Williams – Trumpet
Joanne Huges – Backing vocals

Side 1:

  1. Empty Cross
  2. The Greatest of These
  3. Trust On
  4. Jesus Took My Burden
  5. The New Jerusalem

Side 2:

  1. Stand Your Ground
  2. Receive
  3. Excuse Me Physically But I’m Rather Undimensional at the Moment
  4. On the Road

This is a rather eclectic release. You see all of these horn players listed on it, but it was recorded in 1989. So not third wave ska. Maybe cheesy rock? The first song starts off with no horns – its kind of a funk hard rock song that was kind of getting some attention in the late 80s. The second song is… reggae. That’s where the horns come in. Then it’s back to a funky hard rock song with a bit of groove that feels inspired by Adam Again (especially in the keyboards). The album does keep on style jumping, but the main focus seems to be a groovy / funky hard rock / metal sound. With horns thrown in on some songs. The vocalist sounds like the singer from Dig Hay Zoose in many ways, but the band doesn’t get into the frantic funk that DHZ was known for. Its like a funkier Ugly Kid Joe with several horn-based rock songs thrown in.

Lost & Found – Welcome to the Real World

Lost & Found
Welcome to the Real World
1988 Under the Influence Records
Monrovia, California, USA

Scott Walters – Lead vocals
Ted Hoehne – Guitars, vocals
Larry Trainor – Guitars, vocals
Brian Mercer – Vocals, keyboards
Greg Hudson – Bass, vocals
Alison Cate – drums

Side 1:

  1. Welcome to the Real World
  2. Going All the Way
  3. Hear Me
  4. Make It Real
  5. Wait of the World

Side 2:

  1. I’m So Glad
  2. How Long?
  3. Never Alone
  4. Smoke Screen
  5. All the World

I have heard this tape before, but I couldn’t remember if it was heavy metal or not. The cover certainly looks metal. But its not metal at all really. This is 80s rock, AOR, whatever you want to call it. Which they do well – don’t get me wrong. This is just a bit too light for some – they never really go beyond the 80s White Heart level of heaviness. But the 80s sound is strong with this one, so it also hits the nostalgia buttons for many as well. This was apparently issued on CD, vinyl, and tape back in the day, which was a kind of rare combination. It also seems it was re-issued on CD in 2009 with two bonus tracks (on a label that isn’t known for always having the legal rights to re-issue the albums they do, FYI).