Paris Red – Demo

Paris Red
1989 JC Rox Productions
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Maurice Magnum – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mike Jordan – Lead guitar, keyboards, back-up vocals
Dav Rose – Bass guitar, back-up vocals
Wynn P. Britt – Drums, back-up vocals

Side 1:

  1. Tonight
  2. All Eyes on Him
  3. In Your Arms

Side 2:

  1. Everyone Wants to Make It
  2. Amazing Grace

So this a bit of a confusing demo. It seems to refer to two bands: Majesty and Paris Red. The cover is definitely for Majesty, but somethings are crossed out and the tape mostly refers to Paris Red. My guess is that Majesty was the name for Paris Red, but they decided to change names. But they still had some leftover J-cards, so they just updated them and started using those. But one interesting note is that this demo has one less song (“Everyone Wants to Make It”) than the officially released Paris Red demo in 1989. They sound like they were heavily influenced by Stryper, while leaning a bit more towards the Sunset Strip sounds as well. After this, the band released a demo in 1992 called Dibbs on Your Body.

Reign of Kings – Epat Omed

Reign of Kings
Epat Omed
199? (no label)
Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA

James Randol – Lead Vocals
Todd Michael – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Scott Paul – Bass guitar
Bradlee Dean – Drums

  1. Questions
  2. Midnight Sleep
  3. Room With a Picture
  4. 3 Crosses
  5. I Don’t Want You

Side one of this tape was shot, but luckily it was the same songs on both sides and the other side 1 played great. Something looked and sounded familiar about this release, and sure enough – it shares some connection with Junkyard Prophet. Mainly the drummer Bradlee Dean and the song “Three Crosses.” No date on this one either, so I don’t know if this is before or after Junkyard Prophet. The sound is kind of a bluesy/grungy heavy metal that was common in the early 90s. It sounds like the singer is the same as from Junkyard Prophet, but I don’t know who that was to be sure. Some sources state that Todd and Scott were members of the second version of Messiah Prophet that started working on a third album called Living on the Edge that was never recorded or released. Also, if you didn’t notice, the title of this demo is actually “demo tape” spelled backwards.

Precious Death – Some New Songs

Precious Death
Some New Songs
1994 Metro One
California, USA

Christopher Scott – Vocals
David Bishop – Guitars
Andy Koehler – Bass
Roger Sampson – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Some New Song
  2. So Far Away

Side 2:

  1. Southpaw (demo)
  2. I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King cover)

This is rare tape by a band on a major label. It is pretty hard to find – I have wanted to buy it, but I’m always too cheap to pay what most want for it. Thankfully I have gotten some rips as trades, and finally, a full quality rip. It is technically a pre-release, and the two songs on side one sound the same to my ears as the ones on the full-length If You Must in 1994. Side 2 contains the rare songs – a demo version of “Southpaw,” and a cover of Carole King. The demo version of “Southpaw” was recorded Jun 1994, so it is a newer version of their older song. “I Feel the Earth Move” is a pretty heavy version of the song. At one time, the Carole King cover was supposed to be on the Precious Death collection CD Hardest Hits, but it seems it was left off.

Tellus – Demo

1994 Tellurian Records
Houston, Texas, USA

Side 1:

  1. Order
  2. Driving Through Haze

Side 2:

  1. Transmission
  2. Flap

This appears to be an early demo by Tellus, featuring 4 songs that would later appear on their Stand By album in 1996. The sound here is female-fronted power/groove metal, much like their later releases. Not sure who played on this, as this tape did not come with a cover (don’t know if it never did, or if it did and was lost). The vocalist sounds like the same one to my ears. These are obviously different recordings of the songs, not quite as polished, but still quite good. Great quality for a demo, as well. The band released a couple of full-lengths and then disappear, which is too bad.

Missing Information: who played on this?

20/20 Blind – 4-Wheel Drive

20/20 Blind
4-Wheel Drive
1995 (no label)
Houston, Texas, USA

Wallace Chase – Vocals
Rocketman McNeelly – Guitars
Schon Alkire – Bass
Chris Laurents – Drums

  1. Wolf
  2. Scorpio
  3. You Think You Know Me
  4. What I Say Goes

This is an unreleased demo that the band put up for download on their Facebook page. The band describes it as “a good example of how our sound was changing and where we were headed.” It is also up on YouTube right now (see below), but apparently coming to other services like Spotify soon. As far as those differences? It seems that the sound is a bit more alternative and grungy. It still has a bit of the funky progressive sound from Never Far. I like it – too bad they weren’t able to continue on past one album.

Righteous Metal Missionaries – Righteous Metal Missionaries

Righteous Metal Missionaries
Righteous Metal Missionaries
1990 (no label)
Chalmette, Louisiana, USA

Wayne Alonzo – Vocals
Robert Flannagan – Guitar
Elden Earhart – Guitar
Duke Besse – Bass Guitar
Sal Boemia – Drums

  1. “god” of High
  2. Ready to Rock
  3. New Day Divine
  4. On My Way
  5. Backslider
  6. So Clearly Seen
  7. Destroyer

This is a band that I found giving their old music away for free download online. The tape above was for sale on eBay, so it is the only one that I know about. They have a lot more songs up for download than this one, so there might be other demos. They were also active from 1987 until 1992, so I would assume there are other tapes. The sound is kind of mix of power and commercial metal, with some speed metal influences as well. They have a Bloodgood cover up at the download site, which seems to be a big influence musically. They also have a Facebook page with some videos and pictures.

Barren Cross – The Demos 1983-1984

Barren Cross
The Demos 1983-1984
1983-1984 (no label)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Michael “Mike Lee” Drive – vocals
Ray Parris – guitars
Jim LaVerde – bass guitars
Steve Whittaker – drums

  1. He is With You
  2. No One Like You
  3. Blue Horizon
  4. Home on the Rage
  5. It’s All Come True
  6. Return of the Light

So this demo has been available on the band’s website for a while. I never took the dive to get it because, quite frankly, too many bands were not really that metal before they went metal. But I regret waiting now. I took the dive, and turns out this is a good heavy demo. You can hear the tape hiss and budget recording levels of the songs, but they still rock. The band is also very metal on this, just maybe slightly less on the power side than later offerings. Most of the songs are original to this demo, but you will recognize the riff and some of the music to “Dying Day” in “No One Like You.” Oh, and of course, “It’s All Come True” is an early version of the later song. 1983 would pre-date Mike Lee (now Michael Drive) and Jim LaVerde joining the band according to Wikipedia, so I am not sure who played on all of these demo (Drive is credited with writing some of the songs – but Ray Perris the main songwriter of these tunes). But Wikipedia could be wrong – it sounds like Drive singing on all songs. Great collection for just $7, so go grab it.