Dan Michaels – Reveal

Dan Michaels
1991 Winter Spirit
Pomona, California, USA

Dan Michaels – Vocals, keyboards, saxophone, lyricon, wind synthesizer
Andy Prickett – Guitars, bass
Tim Chandler – Bass
Steve Hindalong – Drums

  1. Pages From the Past
  2. Heavy Rain
  3. More Than Words
  4. Valadez in the Country
  5. Reveal

So this is the first and only solo album by Dan Michaels of The Choir. At one time I thought this was available online somewhere, but I guess I imagined that. You would also think this sounds a lot like The Choir, especially since Steve Hindalong helps out. Not really. Dan’s vocals are very different than Derri or Steve’s for one thing. The opening song sounds almost like a less grunge Plague of Ethyls at times. With male vocals, of course. Other songs do show some more similarities to The Choir in instrumentation, but the song writing and vocals keep putting it in its own space. “Valadez in the Country” is an instrumental that show off Dan’s talents on various instruments. It’s a great EP of music that seems to be getting buried to history.

Believer – Radio Spot

Radio Spot
1991 R.E.X. Music

  1. Radio Spot

This is really just an entire cassette that was used up for a one minute radio spot on both sides. It was basically a spot that advertised a contest for the winner to fly out to see Believer in concert, get a lot of merch, and hang-out at the record label offices. The promo pronounces the name of the label by spelling out the three letter (R – E – X) rather than pouncing it like a person’s name (Rex), in case you have ever wondered what the official pronunciation was. This all plays over some of Believer’s music. It is only a minute long, so probably the shortest tape I have ever heard.

Love Assembly – All the Pain / You

Love Assembly
All the Pain / You
1991 (no label)
Ohio, USA

Collin Rowland
Sven Menninger
D. Arps
C. Fee

Side 1:

  1. All the Pain

Side 2:

  1. You

Wasn’t sure if this tape existed until I saw it. Love Assembly was a band that was featured on the Blonde Vinyl SLAVA: Voice of the People compilation. The song “All the Pain” was on that compilation, and it appears to have been the same version as the one here, but maybe with a remix or remaster. They were also rumored to have possibly signed to release an album through Blonde Vinyl, or come close to doing so before the label folded. The sound here is a synth-pop / club / techno sound that was popular at the time. A year after this, they released a demo called Urgency of Now that I have heard, but would still like to get scans of the cover and tapes. Both of the songs here appear on the demo tape, in pretty much the same versions, but possibly different recordings.

Missing Information: Who played what on this tape?

Avenue G – The Path

Avenue G
The Path
1991 Ransomed Records
Wichita, Kansas, USA

Nicole Lundgren – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Lee Lundgren – Vocals, high strung guitar, organ, synthesizer, harmonica, mandolin, accordian
Greg Sparks – Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion, snare drum
Mel Whiteside – Drums
Jeff Sack – Vocals, tin whistle

Side 1:

  1. The Path
  2. Inland
  3. I’ve Given Up the Past
  4. Home
  5. Cold Water

Side 2:

  1. I’ll Find Mercy
  2. Thread of Love
  3. Poet’s Dream
  4. I Will Go

So this one is new to me, but it seems they were on quite a few compilations back in the day. The sound here is kind of a mix of Iona and Greg & Rebecca Sparks, with a few heavier moments. This makes sense, because Greg Sparks produced and played a lot of the instruments on this tape. Avenue G is the husband and wife team of Lee and Nicole Lundgren, who also played on many releases by Rich Mullins after this tape. They have at least one more tape before this one – The Cruel Dark in 1989. So, yeah, think of a mixture of roots rock, alternative rock, some heavier guitar here and there, and a splash of Celtic rock here and there. A really good demo find here. The 5th track was not listed on the album – it seems to be a hidden bonus track.

The Hedges – The Hedges

The Hedges
The Hedges
1991 (no label)
Surrey, England, United Kingdom

  1. Strange
  2. All Aglow
  3. Protect Your Children
  4. Family Tree

The Hedges are a quirky alternative rock band from England. By that I mean they don’t really play the dark brooding, serious type of alternative, but a lighter, offbeat, fun-sounding (aka “quirky”) type that you often hear from the late 80s-early 90s UK scene. No band information listed, so I really don’t know who played on this tape. CrossRhythms compared their sound to the Smiths (especially the vocals) meets Fat and Frantic. That is good comparison. It seems they have at least one tape before this one called Six of the Best from 1987 and one follow-up tape called No One Cares for Feet in 1992. I have heard this tape before thanks to previous trades, but it seems the one that showed up in the stacks this time has a slightly different picture at the center of the front cover, so there are at least two versions of the cover (or more). At one time, I had found all of their tapes online for free download, but I can’t see to find that webpage any more.

Missing Information: Who played on this?

The Prayer Chain – Demo

The Prayer Chain
1991 (no label)
La Habra, California, USA

Tim Taber – Vocals
Andrew D. Prickett – Guitars, backing vocals
Eric Campuzano – Bass
Wayne Everett – Drums

John F. Hertzberg III – Keyboards on “Follow Me” and “I Believe”

Produced by Steve Hindalong and Dave Hackbarth

  1. Shine
  2. Whirlwind
  3. Follow Me
  4. I Believe

This is basically where it all began for The Prayer Chain. If you have heard their Neverland Sessions CD, then you have heard these songs. They were added as bonus tracks at the end of that CD (which you can purchase a download of on BandCamp). All four of these songs were re-recorded for the Neverland Sessions full-length as well, with six new songs added. Then the Neverland Sessions versions of three of these songs were selected for the Whirlpool EP when they were signed to Reunion Records. Anyways, while these songs are a bit more raw than their later versions, they are still high quality early 90s alt rock. You can see why they were quickly snapped up by Reunion Records. Let’s just hope we will see the Neverland Sessions released on vinyl like Shawl and Mercury were.

Chad Bryant Edmundson – Promise

Chad Bryant Edmundson
1991 Sonic Hope Records
San Juan Cap, California, USA

Chad Bryant Edmundson – Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, percussion

David Finley – Vocals on “Sorry Mr. Beckett”
Robert Deeble – Lead guitar on “Sorry Mr. Beckett”
John R. Williamson – Guitar on “Justice at the Crossroads,” bass on “Aspect”
Eric Paulsen – Drums on “Aspect”
J.D. – Lead guitar on “Aspect”

Side 1:

  1. Sorry Mr. Beckett
  2. And for Reason
  3. Janie
  4. Aspect
  5. Justice at the Crossroads

Side 2:

  1. Love and Tombstones
  2. Hope
  3. On This Day
  4. Shared Laughter
  5. [bonus live]

This is an earlier demo from Edmunson – two years before his Wonder and Strangeness demo. It’s still on Sonic Hope Records, so many of the usually Sonic Hope people guest on here as well. The sound this time is mostly acoustic folk, but there some other sounds as well. There is a live recording of “Aspect,” which is an instrumental full band rock song. There are also places where electric guitars and keyboards are used to add some texture to the acoustic folk songs. The last track is part of a live track, but I can’t make out the vocals to say what the title could possibly be.

Qodesh – Deut-14-2

1991 (no label)
Evansville, Indiana, USA

Todd Scott – Lead vocals
Gerard Medicis – Guitar, background vocals
Tim Tooke – Bass guitar, background vocals
Joe Feldpausch – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Heart of Man
  2. Lift Up the Name
  3. Come unto Me

Side 2:

  1. Day of Atonement
  2. Source & Strength
  3. Time for You to Leave

This appears to be the second demo by Qodesh. For this tape, they are a four piece band. The same core instrumentalists are still here from their 1990 demo, but they added Todd on vocals. Todd and Tim would leave after this demo and the band went back down to a three piece for their next demo Three. Just like with Three, Qodesh here is also a heavy metal band with progressive leanings. Well, they truthfully might be more hard rock to some people on several songs rather than heavy metal. “Day of Atonement” seems to also have been on their 1990 demo (it was the only song with vocals apparently). But that is the only repeated song I can find on any of their three demos.

Scaterd Few – Out of the Attic

Scaterd Few
Out of the Attic – Circa 83-84
1991 Sacrosanctus Records
North Hollywood, California, USA

Side 1:

  1. Gave Us Life
  2. Untitled
  3. Death
  4. Echo
  5. Sin Face
  6. T.T.C.P
  7. The End
  8. Anti – I’m Right
  9. Anti Ape
  10. Tid Bit
  11. Death

Side 2:

  1. Tid Bit
  2. T.T.C.P.
  3. Gave Us Life
  4. Anti Ape
  5. Anti-I’m Right
  6. Tid Bit 2
  7. Ratzak At The Beach
  8. Wipeout
  9. Solo

For those that didn’t know, Out of the Attic was first released on tape before Flying Tart came along in 1994 and re-issued it on CD. I have this tape, but thought there was something wrong with my copy. So when I saw another copy in the stacks, I grabbed it to see what the tape should sound like. But the new copy had the same problem: the tape is noticeably slower than the CD. And after listening to both of them, I’m not sure if the CD was sped up or the tape was slowed down. Weird. Also, the song listing on the j-card scan is not correct – this tape follows the same song listing as the CD. Anyways, this is early Scaterd Few while they were still working out their punk rock meets Bauhaus meets Bad Brains meets other styles sound that most people first heard on Sin Disease. This collection is a mixture of early demos, rough live recordings, and practice sessions if I remember correctly. Also, a much cooler cover than the one Flying Tart used later.

The Sealed – Demo

The Sealed
1991 (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Peak of a Lonely Hill
  2. In a Heartbeat
  3. Road to Nowhere

Side 2:

  1. Walk the Talk
  2. You Are There

Unfortunately, this tape was blank when I put it in – on both sides. Not blank as in “someone taped over it by accident,” but blank as in “never has been recorded on.” I am guessing that the band forgot to dub it before sending it off? Putting it here in chance that someone may have it or know something about the band.

Missing Information: Who played on this, the actual songs