Ballistic Test Two

Ballistic Test Two
1997 Flaming Fish Music

Side 1:

  1. Cradle->Grave – Freedomslave
  2. globalWAVEsystem – Evaluate
  3. Dixonoxid – World Of Fire

Side 2:

  1. Pivot Clowj – The Aging Faucet
  2. The Way Sect Bloom – Dead Stay
  3. The Reclusive Cypher – Discoveries

Remember back before the days of CD samplers when tape samplers were used as promos by some magazines and groups? This is a tape from that era – I believe it was created to promote Ballistic Test Magazine. However, it could also be a separate project. But there were at least nine or ten of these compilations, eventually transitioning to CDs. Some of the names on the tape you will probably recognize, others you will not. This is a great sampling of mostly electronic industrial rock, with a couple buzzsaw metal guitar songs by Dixonoxid and Way Sect Bloom. Also, the ambient noise of The Reclusive Cypher.

Autovoice – 00000011

1996 Flaming Fish Music
Ontario, Canada

Steve Shoe – Vocals, programming
Johnny Space Echo – Programming, sound effects

Side 1:

  1. Standardization
  2. Project DV-8
  3. Decay
  4. Infinitum

Side 2:

  1. If You Want Someone Build a Conscious Machine
  2. End of Transmission
  3. Ens Cogitans
  4. The Initial

Autovoice is an electronic/industrial band that is still going to this day. You can actually find this album on BandCamp – I usually only digitize these re-released tapes to see how the original compares to what was released. A few bands seem to like to George Lucas their older releases – which is not always a bad thing. I just like to see. I can’t really tell any difference from this tape and the one on BandCamp, except for of course the two extra bonus tracks on BandCamp. Well, and the songs on BandCamp sound remastered. The sound itself is a bit darker and ambient than your typical industrial, while still retaining a definite industrial sound. There are also influences of noise and darkwave in many places as well.

The Way Sect Bloom – The Way Sect Bloom

The Way Sect Bloom
The Way Sect Bloom
1996 Flaming Fish Music (ffmcs003)

Jeff Bruce – Guitars, vocals, keyboards, programming, sequencing
Joe Gallagher – Additional guitars and vocals
Mike Cruz – Additional keyboards and vocals

Side 1:

  1. Subsidize
  2. Frustrate
  3. Washed

Side 2:

  1. Illumina
  2. Frustrate (reality edit)

Interesting – I had forgotten that there was a self-titled Way Sect Bloom release on Flaming Fish Music after their God demo, but before their Effloresce full-length. All of the songs here were also on Effloresce. “Illumina” is pretty different from “Illumina (Defenseless)” on Effloresce, and there are also slight differences with “Washed” and Frustrate (reality mix)” as well. The Way Sect Bloom had a unique take on industrial hard rock that I always liked. The first three tracks were recorded by Scott Albert aka Celldweller, so you can hear his influence on the music as well. Kind of more of a collector’s item for the uber fan more than anything else, but still cool none the less.