Dark’s End – Dark’s End

Dark’s End
Dark’s End
1992 (no label)
Marbach, Germany

Uli Horner – Vocals
Martin Zettler – Guitars
Dirk Nising – Bass
Christian Schmidt – Drums

Side 1:

  1. White Dove
  2. X (instrumental)

Side 2:

  1. Signs
  2. The Tramp

While the cover looks pretty gothic, the tape opens up with some chiming alt rock guitars that sound straight out of an early Sixpence None the Richer song. Then the band kicks into a guitar rock song closer to something by Plankeye or Blonde Vinyl alt rock artists. The lead singer has a strong German accent, but she is still singing in English. There is also a shredding solo on the first track. The songs on the rest of the songs tends to follow the same sound: mixtures of different forms of late 80s/early 90s alternative and some hard rock influences here and there.


Positive Outlook – No More War!

Positive Outlook
No More War!
1987 (no label)
San Francisco, California, USA

Scotty Fraser – Bass, vocals
“Wild” Bill Burnett – Guitar
Mike Fuentes – Guitar
Stop Seely – Drums

  1. No More War
  2. Stop and Think
  3. Mental Prejudice
  4. Newest
  5. J.C.I.L.
  6. Peace is Just
  7. Faceless
  8. Straight

I became aware of this demo through an eBay listing. A quick search turned up a BandCamp site for the re-issue. Apparently it was also re-issued on CD in 1999 as well. The sound is fast and furious hardcore punk (leaning more towards the punk side) with straight edge lyrics. While the title track and a few songs are mostly anti-war, they also talk God, unity, and saying no to drugs. This is also a short album, so it is interesting to see it re-issued a few times so many years later. There must have been a lot more to the band’s buzz than their BandCamp blurb let’s on.

The Warning – Cut the Garbage!

The Warning
Cut the Garbage!
1990 Independent
Azusa, California, USA

Burrito – Lead vocals
Tracy G – Lead guitars, bass, noise makers

Mike Beatty – Drum programming
Rochelle Ann – Additional vocals on “Human Holocaust”

Side 1:

  1. Condemned to Hell
  2. Human Holocaust
  3. Blood Bath

Side 2:

  1. Don’t Touch Me
  2. Scream for Repentance (Psalm 51)
  3. Out of Control
  4. Cut the Crap

This is the censored version of Cut the Crap! From 1989 – meaning that they just changed one word on the cover to make it less offensive to people that found the word “crap” offensive. Weird, but such is the Christian world. It seems that sound here is a bit more metal and cleanly produced than Repent or Die! and A Virgin in the Midst of Whores. Don’t think they went anywhere near pop metal, though – it is still off the wall, chaotic, and a bit muddy sonic-wise. And of course, Tracey G is still showcasing the shred guitars he came to be known for in Dio and other bands later. Interesting that they feature a note about only reading the Bible and not getting into personal interpretations, and then release a tape full of their personal interpretations and political views. Lots of bands  did this – it probably just got confusing for music fans to determine which differing version of “just the Bible” was the real one 🙂 Also of interest is that this re-release of Cut the Crap! leaves off the bonus track “Love,” which I believe is the same song as “Whatever Happened to Love” from A Virgin in the Midst of Whores.

Alliance – Spiritual Battle

Spiritual Battle
1986 (no label)
West Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Lonnie Smith – Vocals, keyboards
Garry Bruce – Guitars
Steve Eason – Bass
Tracy Hollingsworth – Drums

Gary Davis – Additional keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Running in the Night
  2. Selfish Ambition
  3. Party Girl

Side 2:

  1. Instant Gratification
  2. Spiritual Battle

This is an earlier demo by the same Alliance that put out Answer Beyond the Pieces in 1988. If the cover has you thinking that maybe the band used to be a lot heavier and they went lighter for Beyond the Pieces, you would be…. wrong. This is lighter rock and more 80s than their later demo. I know the cover looks metal, but to be honest, many non-metal bands went for this art style back in the mid to early 80s. They do still rock out on tunes like “Selfish Ambition,” but it is a mid-80s rock out more than a metal rock out. Before this demo, they were known as Exodus and put out a demo called From Darkness to Light in 1984 that I have not heard.

The Sealed – Demo

The Sealed
1991 (no label)

Side 1:

  1. Peak of a Lonely Hill
  2. In a Heartbeat
  3. Road to Nowhere

Side 2:

Walk the Talk
You Are There

Unfortunately, this tape was blank when I put it in – on both sides. Not blank as in “someone taped over it by accident,” but blank as in “never has been recorded on.” I am guessing that the band forgot to dub it before sending it off? Putting it here in chance that someone may have it or know something about the band.

Missing Information: Who played on this, the actual songs

St. Asylem – Demo

St. Asylem
1990 (no label)
Tuscan, Arizona, USA

Eric James – Lead vocals
Dana Kyle – Lead guitars
Bob “Z_-OB” Cady – Lead guitars
Martii Haviik – Bass, growls
Joey Edwards – Drums

  1. Headed for the Fire
  2. Don’t Forget About Me
  3. Woe to the Wicked
  4. Surrender

The front cover has a logo with a very Lizzy Borden vibe, and that is a good starting place – especially the more metal side of Borden. There are some high pitched wails here and there, as well as some pummeling riffs. Power metal, speed metal, and commercial metal are all mixed in here. Also the obligatory power balled on the second track. Had never of this band until now, but they seemed to have a legitimate quality demo all around here.

Intransit – Demo

1986 (no label)
London, England, United Kingdom

  1. Micro on the Move
  2. Bare Face to Face
  3. Troubled Vision

This was kind of a surprise find. I was only aware of Intransit’s Out of the Dark demo and the song they put on their Embryo Arts split with Pete Ward (“Micro on the Move”). Turns out that their song from the split was part of a three song demo, with the other two songs being unreleased (as far as I can tell). The sound of the other two songs are also in the same alternative rock / new wave vein as “Micro on the Move.” The demo packaging itself is pretty much as basic as you can get, so I am not sure who played on this demo. However, it seems to be the same crew from the Out of the Dark demo as far as I can tell. Also of note that the address and copyright name (Sea Dream Music) are the same as on other Plankton Records releases. The version of “Micro on the Move” on this demo seems to be the same one that was used on the split with Pete Ward.