Morella’s Forest – Bass

Morella’s Forest
1994 Forest Records
Centerville, Ohio, USA

Sydney – Singer
Shawn Johnson – Guitar
Sean McCorkle – Bass
Nate McCorkle – Drums

  1. Lush of Spring
  2. Electric Belt
  3. Oceania
  4. Green and Violet Wavecaps
  5. EsQue (version 1)

This was actually sent to me a long time ago as a CD burn of the tape. I dug it out and decided to clean it up a bit. This was basically their second demo, after a 1993 tape called Bozur (which I don’t have). After this tape, they were signed to Tooth & Nail Records to release their full-length debut Super Deluxe in 1995. The sound here is kind of a mix of dreamy indie pop, shoegaze, and romantic modern rock. They went pretty fuzzed-out and shoegazer on their label debut after this. But I know that some of the songs from this demo, especially “Oceania,” made it on to several unsigned bands compilations back in the day.  Only two of the songs here (“Lush of Spring” and “Oceania”) made it on to Super Deluxe. A great debut from a band that went on to bigger things.

The Passion – The Passion

The Passion
The Passion
1994 Kalubone Records
Winter Park, Florida, USA

Ray Banesh – Lead vocals
Ken Tucker – All guitars, keyboards
Dean Adams – Bass guitar, lead vocals on “R U Acting”
Kyle Deitz – Drums

  1. Madeline
  2. Sin Town
  3. Nails and the Cross
  4. I Gave It All
  5. Gypsy Blood
  6. R U Acting

So this is a rare tape that was on an underground-ish label that is still hard to find to this day. Or maybe it is just that it is hard to Google a band name like “The Passion.” I’m not totally sure of the style here – it’s kind of alternative, kind of Americana/roots rock, and kind of straight up rock. I have seen them labeled as hard rock, but they never get that hard on this tape at least. There is another tape before this one called Picture of Love from 1992 that might be heavier. Not sure what happened to the band after this tape. For some reason, I thought they morphed into another band, but I can’t seem to remember what band that was. Maybe I just dreamed it up.

Precious Death – Some New Songs

Precious Death
Some New Songs
1994 Metro One
California, USA

Christopher Scott – Vocals
David Bishop – Guitars
Andy Koehler – Bass
Roger Sampson – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Some New Song
  2. So Far Away

Side 2:

  1. Southpaw (demo)
  2. I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King cover)

This is rare tape by a band on a major label. It is pretty hard to find – I have wanted to buy it, but I’m always too cheap to pay what most want for it. Thankfully I have gotten some rips as trades, and finally, a full quality rip. It is technically a pre-release, and the two songs on side one sound the same to my ears as the ones on the full-length If You Must in 1994. Side 2 contains the rare songs – a demo version of “Southpaw,” and a cover of Carole King. The demo version of “Southpaw” was recorded Jun 1994, so it is a newer version of their older song. “I Feel the Earth Move” is a pretty heavy version of the song. At one time, the Carole King cover was supposed to be on the Precious Death collection CD Hardest Hits, but it seems it was left off.

Tellus – Demo

1994 Tellurian Records
Houston, Texas, USA

Side 1:

  1. Order
  2. Driving Through Haze

Side 2:

  1. Transmission
  2. Flap

This appears to be an early demo by Tellus, featuring 4 songs that would later appear on their Stand By album in 1996. The sound here is female-fronted power/groove metal, much like their later releases. Not sure who played on this, as this tape did not come with a cover (don’t know if it never did, or if it did and was lost). The vocalist sounds like the same one to my ears. These are obviously different recordings of the songs, not quite as polished, but still quite good. Great quality for a demo, as well. The band released a couple of full-lengths and then disappear, which is too bad.

Missing Information: who played on this?

Sterling Cooke – Above and Beyond

Sterling Cooke
Above and Beyond
1994 (no label)
Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, USA

Sterling Cooke – Guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, drum programming, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Above and Beyond
  2. New Day
  3. Fred Zeplin
  4. Greenpeace
  5. Walkin’ Shoes
  6. Rainbow Bridge

Side 2:

  1. Frankenstein
  2. Kick Some Acts
  3. Reflections
  4. Back to Cali
  5. The End Times

The cover looks like you are about to get a dose of Texas blues rock, but after the first intro song, you are treated to some 80s party metal. The liner notes state that the influence on this song is Van Halen and Ratt, and that fits. Well, if those bands did instrumentals for the Lord. The notes of other songs mention ZZ Top and Stevie Ray, so there is still that Texas blues influence as well. Yes, it is an all-instrumental guitar album, but Cooke seems to avoid the endless shredding that so many instrumental guitar albums beat to death. He focuses on writing songs and crafting melodies. I know that there was another album after this one in 1996 called Doxology as well. Cooke also recorded as Sterling Cooke Force in the 80s, but I haven’t tracked down those recordings yet. From what I can find online, Cooke didn’t feel those early recordings were very well done. Seems he overcame what ever caused that by the time he got to this album.

Above See Level – Promo Tape

Above See Level
Promo Tape
1994 Sub-A-Tomic Charge
Botsford, Connecticut, USA

Brother Time
Brother Faith

  1. Bran Nu Lingo
  2. Goin’ On

This is your typical pre-release sampler, with a generic cover and short sampling of songs from the upcoming album. What made this one different is that it actually came with the full j-card from the upcoming release. So you can see the full album, but not hear it. Bummer – this is some quality 90s rap. I hope the full album shows up in the stacks someday. No bonus interviews or remixes on side 2, either.

Industrial Evolution

Industrial Evolution
2020 Retroactive Records

The Bumpus Hounds

Eric Shirley – Vocals and lyrics
Oatmeal – Instruments and music
Wally Shaw – Recorded, produced, engineered, and wrote “Sanctuary” (as Icon Tack)
MC White E – Guest appearance on “Temple”
Stephen Wagers – Guest appearance on “Temple”

Primary Censor

Eric Shirley – Vocals
Matt Wright – Guitar, programming
Chris Spoonts – Bass, programming
Stuart Lillard – Drums
Jay Vollentine – Programming
Mark Dufour – Drums


Eric Shirley – Vocals
Matt Wright – Guitars
Richie Laxton – Keyboards, drums


Matt Wright – Vocals, Guitars, instruments

Disc One:

  1. The Bumpus Hounds – World’s End
  2. The Bumpus Hounds – Blind Hate
  3. The Bumpus Hounds – Temple
  4. The Bumpus Hounds – Thrown Away
  5. The Bumpus Hounds – Sanctuary
  6. The Bumpus Hounds – Sanctuary (instrumental)
  7. The Bumpus Hounds – Thrown Away (X-Propagation Re-tool 1993)
  8. Primary Censor – Judgmental
  9. Primary Censor – Negative
  10. Primary Censor – False
  11. Primary Censor – Splinter
  12. Primary Censor – Arsen
  13. Primary Censor – See
  14. Primary Censor – Silence
  15. Primary Censor – Intro
  16. Primary Censor – Subtly
  17. Primary Censor – Circle
  18. Primary Censor – Artificial Heart
  19. Primary Censor – Silence
  20. Primary Censor – Judgmental

Disc Two:

  1. Coarse – Quiet
  2. Abstain – Release
  3. Abstain – Control
  4. Abstain – Whispers
  5. Abstain – Neuroplasticity
  6. Abstain – Recollections
  7. Abstain – Isolationism
  8. Abstain – Osmosis
  9. Abstain – Indyanna

Yes, this is a new CD. But it is also a collection of demos from back in the day, so of course I had to have it. The Bumpus Hounds and their awesome brand of metal/industrial on The Pit Dug for the Wicked has already been covered here. Two Bumpus Hounds bonus tracks have been dug up here: an instrumental of “Sanctuary” and a re-working of “Thrown Away” by Brent Stackhouse of X-Propagation/Deitiphobia fame. This compilation basically covers how different bands evolved out of The Bumpus Hounds. Primary Sensor was an Austin-area industrial metal band That Eric Surrey formed after The Bumpus Hounds. They produced three demos of some killer industrial metal that gained some attention around the Austin area. A few years after that, Shirey was approached to do a song for a compilation and the result was the band Coarse (with Primary Sensor guitarist Matt Wright joining him on guitar). Wright was also approached to do a song, so he contributed one song from his new project  Abstain. There were a few other experimental Abstain songs that were added to this comp here as well. The entire 2-CD release from Retroactive Records is a great archive of early to mid 90s industrial metal, so you really should grab a copy of you haven’t yet from Boone’s Overstock.