Missionary One – The Future’s Already Known

Missionary One
The Future’s Already Known
1994 (no label)
Watertown, Tennessee, USA

Chris Dickens – All bass, rhythm guitars, lead and backing growls and screams

Scotty Massey – Lead guitar
J.D. Wagner – Drums
Danny Jennings – Strings on “Depart from Me”

Side 1:

  1. The Future’s Already Known
  2. Deliverance
  3. You Are My Lord

Side 2:

  1. Sea of Despair
  2. Depart from Me
  3. He’s Been Good to Me

So, if the future is already know, did this band know I would be writing this blurb over 25 years later? Kidding, of course. This is kind of a hard rock / boogie blues rock demo, with the “can’t sing/don’t care” (as some call it) vocal style that often accompanies this style. Kind of similar to the Greg Chaisson solo CD, but maybe with a bit more hard rock. This tape was followed by 1995’s Rest in Peace. Eventually Chris Dickens (who did most of the instruments here) would start releasing solo albums.

Sacred Reign – Sacred Reign

Sacred Reign
Sacred Reign
1994 (no label)
Wadsworth, Ohio, USA

Geoff Sheeler – Vocals
Scott Betz – Guitar
Dan Madsen – Bass
Jeff Hanna – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Trials by Fire
  2. The Mirror
  3. Judgement Day

Side 2:

  1. The Warning
  2. The Choice
  3. Seasons of Change

This is one of three different bands from Ohio named Sacred Reign that released albums between 1993 and 1995. They are all from different cities and have different members, so they don’t seem to be connected. But it is so weird how closely related they are still. Maybe it was one band that changed members so fast and moved around so quickly that they had different cities and line-ups for each album? Maybe it is some ministry that had different bands in different cities all under the same name (like No Longer Music has done)? Maybe it is just some massive coincidence? Who knows. This Sacred Reign is mostly progressive metal with some nods to commercial metal and even a bit of 90s groove metal (the 1993 Sacred Reign from Cincinnati was more keyboard-y pop metal with a touch of pomp with a lot of ballads, while the 1995 Sacred Reign from Akron was more gritty blues metal with a lot of short funny tracks between songs).

Kerygma Child – Kerygma Child

Kerygma Child
Kerygma Child
1994 (no label)

  1. Tie Dye Wine
  2. Feel the World
  3. I Love the Way
  4. Stripped
  5. Real Man

I remember Kerygma Child from their appearance on an HM compilation back in the 90s. Their song “Stripped” is a groovy, driving hard rocker with a good dose of 90s style. Which is weird because that is the only song on this 5 song EP that has that same feel. There are two mid-paced rockers that don’t find the same groove as “Stripped,” and then two ballads. These songs are not bad at, it just seems like you are listening to a hard rock leaning alternative band that just doesn’t truly rock out for the first three songs until they do actually rock out on the 4th song. I would have add three more like “Stripped,” or dropped tracks 3 and 5 for two songs like that. There also might be a four song demo before or after this one as well.

One Bad Apple – The Worm Has Turned

One Bad Apple
The Worm Has Turned
1994 (no label)
Trenton, Michigan, USA

Bryan Adams – Vocals
Rick Rocco – Guitar
Christian Muller – Bass
Sean Rattray – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Post Mortem Depression
  2. Streets
  3. Iron Lung

Side 2:

  1. Force of One
  2. Lost

I believe this is the debut demo from One Bad Apple. After this, they released another demo called D.O.A. in 1995, and then a full-length called Creeping Things in 1997. I also remember they were featured on a few compilations back in the day as well. Anyways, after a slight pause, the Seen and Unseen Music Club is releasing a ton of great underground music. You can hear this one on their YouTube channel. There are several more I will write about here when I get a chance, but also several great underground CDs that fall a bit outside the scope of this blog. So check it out. Anyways, One Bad Apple was a nu-metal band that found a way to avoid some of the cliché trappings of nu-metal and attract some old school metal heads as well. Probably because they had a good dose of thrash crossover as well. ” Post Mortem Depression” was re-recorded on Creeping Things, but all the other songs seem to only be here.


Right Mind – Right Mind

Right Mind
Right Mind
1994 (no label)
Illinois, USA

Danny Deane – Lead vocals
Bob Sheffield – Guitar
Craig Lanquist – Bass guitar
Eddy Pow – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Believer
  2. Someday
  3. Give It Up

Side 2:

  1. Lay It Down
  2. Call Your Name
  3. Sacrifice

The first track on here really reminds me of the late 80s-output of the Scorpions (the more guitar-oriented songs, not the pop and ballad songs). While they are not really a clone, this still seems to be an influence on their sound. The second track has a late 80s power ballad feel as well – you almost want to start singing “you’re my an-gel!” as the song breaks into the course. it doesn’t sound like that song, but it just has a similar feel. There is also a surprise when the riff for “Lay It Down” is pretty much the same riff as Budgie’s “Breadfan.” They kind of construct a classic-rock inspired 80s commercial metal song around it that serves as a highlight of the album, but it’s hard not to hear the similarities.

Elias – Elias

1994 Independent
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jack Jonasson – Vocals
Brad Buhler – Guitar, background vocal
Henry “Hank” Sienema – Bass
Reg Friesen – Drums

  1. Vain
  2. Sin is Sin
  3. Balcony
  4. Loud N’ Clear

So for some reason the cover almost looks alternative to me, but from the first song they are commercial 90s metal. This is the kind of stuff that tried to forge a path in music while not being grunge clones. It’s kind of somewhere between Precious Death and Slamcat, without the King’s X vocal harmonies. In fact, the background vocals are pretty buried in the mix. The last song is not a Stryper cover, although it does lean into some Poison-esque glam metal.

Crimson Glow – Rough Mix Song Demo

Crimson Glow
Rough Mix Song Demo
1994 (no label)
La Grange Park, Illinois, USA

Dan Linhart – Vocals
James Magrini – Guitar, backing vocals
MIke Croschere – Bass
Jeff Bures – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Slipping Through
  2. I Alone
  3. Mind Rape
  4. Crimson Glow

Side 2:

  1. Like a Crown
  2. Down
  3. House Burn
  4. Revelation

Crimson Glow was formerly known as Crucifix, which is the name they had when they landed a song (“Like a Crown”) on the R.E.X. Music compilation Demolition. I’m guessing some other band named Crucifix claimed the name, so they had to change. But they also had good national exposure with that song (it was one of the better ones on the comp), so they had to make sure everyone knew they were the same band. It is noted on the tape itself, as well as tape cover. The sound is kind of a cool Soundgarden-esque grunge/alternative sound. They also use industrial style samples and sound clips in various songs. There is usually a demo called Red listed for them, but I don’t know if this one and that one are the same. The cover is… close to red? But the name of this tape is clearly Rough Mix Song Demo (see tape scan below). I have also seen it labeled as just EP as well. I’ll need to get my hands on the files for what people are calling Red to see. This is a killer slab of 90s aggression. Two years after this they released a CD called Smile, where “Slipping Through” and “I Alone”were re-recorded.

Blush – Time

1994 (no label)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jesse Macpherson – Vocals, guitar
Trevor Macpherson – Bass, vocals
Gary Youdan – Drums, vocals

Jonathan Brotherton – Additional guitars on “instrumental,” additional drums on “65 North”
Colin Friesen – Additional guitar on “Rescue Me”
Kelly Young – Additional vocals on “Lead Me to the Rock”

Side 1:

  1. instrumental
  2. A.D.
  3. Time
  4. Lead Me to the Rock

Side 2:

  1. Rescue Me
  2. Oh, Oh
  3. Psalm 23
  4. 65 North

This is the second (and I believe last) demo by Blush. A year after their self-titled demo, and it seems they have leaned a bit more towards more straight-forward 90s alt rock. The slight grunge leanings of the past demo are mostly gone here. There are still some experimental and/or humorous moments as well, so it’s not like just went mainstream. There was also the Remixes + More tape in 1993 as well. As far as I know, this was the last time we heard from Blush. Authorities have a theory about a former retired bass player of the band making them all “disappear” into the seedy world of children’s rap, but so far no charges have stuck.

New Society – Endless Frontiers

New Society
Endless Frontiers
1994 Key Records

Everything by Rick Roman

Compiled by Jeani Bond

Side 1:

  1. Crash and Burn=
  2. Life is No Beach@
  3. Temptation (kick mix)+
  4. The Real Pledge=
  5. Spiritual Fight=
  6. Pass That Money Plate=
  7. Follow the Chant (He died mix)*#
  8. New Election+
  9. White Room#&
  10. Candle in the Wind+
  11. Separation%

Side 2:

  1. The Crucified%
  2. Purpose of Life%
  3. Beware the Nicolatian (In Between)&+
  4. Children of the Beast*
  5. Rumors&
  6. My Secret Symphony&
  7. Don’t Push Jesus+
  8. The End Vision&
  9. A Ride@

@ A Taste of Black
# So Red a Revelation
% True Faith
& Eternity
+ Election Fact 1C
* Children of the Beast
= In Focus

This basically serves as a “best of” compilation that Jeani Bond and Key Records put together from 7 previous tapes. I don’t believe there is anything new here, and there are a lot of songs, but because it is a “best of,” there really isn’t any filler. I think I have heard most of the tapes that these songs come from, so it is interesting to see what was picked for this compilation. Can’t say I have any disagreements. For those that don’t know, New Society was an industrial band that also mixed in many other styles, such as synth pop and alternative rock. Many of their albums are up for free download as well.

Morella’s Forest – Bass

Morella’s Forest
1994 Forest Records
Centerville, Ohio, USA

Sydney – Singer
Shawn Johnson – Guitar
Sean McCorkle – Bass
Nate McCorkle – Drums

  1. Lush of Spring
  2. Electric Belt
  3. Oceania
  4. Green and Violet Wavecaps
  5. EsQue (version 1)

This was actually sent to me a long time ago as a CD burn of the tape. I dug it out and decided to clean it up a bit. This was basically their second demo, after a 1993 tape called Bozur (which I don’t have). After this tape, they were signed to Tooth & Nail Records to release their full-length debut Super Deluxe in 1995. The sound here is kind of a mix of dreamy indie pop, shoegaze, and romantic modern rock. They went pretty fuzzed-out and shoegazer on their label debut after this. But I know that some of the songs from this demo, especially “Oceania,” made it on to several unsigned bands compilations back in the day.  Only two of the songs here (“Lush of Spring” and “Oceania”) made it on to Super Deluxe. A great debut from a band that went on to bigger things.