Rescue – 2000 Years Later

2000 Years Later
1983 Maranatha Multimedia
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Rick Craven – Lead and background vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizer
Fred Covyeau – Lead guitar
Andy Howard – Fretless bass
Mark Spaulding – Drums and percussion
Vince Covyeau – Drums and percussion

Side 1:

  1. Breathing Air and Hanging Out
  2. Kicks
  3. Time Thoughts

Side 2:

  1. Hot Night in the City
  2. No More of the World’s Plans

Another rare vinyl to cover. based on the awesomeness of the Jesus is the Truth single, I tried to find if there was anything else by Rescue. The only thing I managed to unearth was this 5 song 12-inch vinyl ep. How does it stand up to the previous single? This ep seems to lean more towards the hard rock of “Get Right” than the Misfits-inspired punk of “Jesus is the Light.” Both songs on side 2 have a distinct new wave influence while at the same time leaning more towards punk. “Time Thoughts” even gets pretty close to being heavy metal. Of course, being a Detroit band in the early 80s, I would assume they were heavily influenced by the 80s garage rock revival – maybe even the growth of the garage punk movement as well. So why two drummers? Not sure – Vince is listed but there is no picture of him. “Kicks” is a cover of the Paul Revere & The Raiders song. I can’t find any information about them online, so this may be the only spot they will ever be remembered.

Rescue – Jesus is the Truth / Get Right

Jesus is the Truth / Get Right (7″)
1982 Maranatha Multimedia
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Rick Craven – Lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer
Andy Howard – Bass

Other possible members:
Fred Covyeau – Guitar
Vince Covyeau – Drums
Mark Spaulding – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Jesus Is the Truth

Side 2:

  1. Get Right

This mysterious band popped up on an eBay auction and then disappeared just as quickly. Very little information about them out there, and the single had very little on it other than who wrote the two songs (Rick on both, Andy joining him on the second). Only those two members were mentioned on this single, but a 6 song ep from the next year (called 2000 Years Later) might have had some of the same players (so they are listed above as “possible”). The first track is punk rock heavily influenced by early Misfits. It’s fast, punkish, and in your face. The vocalist is doing a very credible early Glen Danzig crooner punk style. The songwriting is a bit less heavy than you will find by the Misfits, but still pretty close (Walk Among Us being the closest comparison). The second track is less punk and more hard rock. The guitars are still there, but the song is slower/definitely less punk than the first, and the vocalist sounds less like early Glenn Danzig and more like a hard rocker. But the song is still pretty heavy by 1982 Christian rock standards. Overall, a very impressive release that hardly anyone has heard. I would also doubt that the “Maranatha” in the music label is related to THE Maranatha music label of about the same time.

Missing Information: Who played what on this.