The Quill – Another Fruitful Day

The Quill
Another Fruitful Day
1993 (no label)
Monsteras, Sweden

Magnus Ekwall – vocals
Christian Carlsson – guitar
Anders Haglund – Hammond
Peter Holm – bass
George Atlagic – Drums

Side 1:

  1. Fruitful Day
  2. Not a Single Soul
  3. Don’t Judas Me
  4. Undine
  5. No Dust to Kiss

Side 2:

  1. Overflow
  2. Wait for the Cat to Jump
  3. Motorize
  4. Drop Out, Charlie
  5. Psychedelic Therapy

The Quill apparently started out as Quil and have releases going back to at least 1986 ( This is some killer Swedish heavy metal (with a heavy Deep Purple influence). Well recorded and mixed – you have to wonder if this was a label pre-release? Their label debut was two years later, and only the song “Not a Single Soul” made it on to that release (at least, with the same song title). Big background vocals, hooks left and right, pounding drums, just commercial enough to be appealing to the mass, just heavy enough to please the metal heads. I wonder if there is any connection with Modest Attraction, who they remind me of in some ways? Anyways, since this was the early 90s, the band apparently went in a more “stoner rock” sound for their label albums, which you can tell is the direction they were heading for here. People often ask if this is “Christian” or not. I have no idea – so far, I have seen their demo tapes in two different Christian demo collections, but can’t really say how they are connected. Maybe someone saw the cover of their 1995 debut and thought they were? Who knows. Of note here is that the first five songs on this demo are new to this demo, while the last five are repeats of their last demo in full, in the same order. Not sure if these are new versions, or older songs added on side 2 like so many bands did.

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