Damascus – Will I Find You There?

Will I Find You There?
1984 (no label)
Mt. Prospect, Illinois, USA

Dave Coy – Drums, percussion
Tom McKeown – Lead & background vocals, electric guitar, organ, piano, synthesizers
Marc Reich – Lead & background vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Cliff Zweibruck – Electric bass, background vocals

Side 1:

  1. Will I Find You There?
  2. Truth
  3. A Father’s Only Son
  4. His Love Today

Side 2:

  1. Circle of God’s Love
  2. The Lost Prayer

Not sure exactly how to categorize this one – it is definitely hard rock, but there seems to be many progressive rock influences as well. Just not blatant Rush rip-offs, so they must have been influenced by one of those other non-Rush progressive rock bands I have heard rumors of. What a novel concept :). Actually, this is also firmly planted in early 80s classic rock – which I can recognize easily, but I am not fluent enough to know which bands are which. They described themselves as “progressive art metal” in an online interview  and then went on to compare their sound to Van Halen or Bon Jovi. They apparently have a demo before this one called Damascus I, and at least two more after this one (Timeless in 1987 and Soon… The Doors Will Open in 1990). Oh, and they were mentioned in Billboard magazine once.

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