Straightway – Remixed Demo

Remixed Demo
1987 (no label)
Houston, Texas, USA

David Walton – Lead vocals, keyboards
Doug Middleton – Lead guitar
Mike Locke – Rhythm Guitar
Mark Walton – Bass
Damon Tankersley – Percussion

Side 1:

  1. Come Back
  2. Message by David

Side 2:

  1. Christ is King
  2. Message by Damon

This is a shorter demo from the band that went on to release the One Way to Heaven demo and then the Black or White CD. Both of the songs on here re-appear on both of those releases. They question is: which demo was remixed? Was it just the two songs, or were these two taken from a longer demo? The messages of on each side that follow the songs are not really that deep, but represent what passed for “messages” back in the day. Note that David and Damon are the only two members listed on the tape – the rest are assumed based on the next demo. Most of the songs you can listen to on YouTube:


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