4 Living Creatures – Live Demo (Hip, Hip!)

4 Living Creatures
Live Demo (Hip, Hip!)
1992 (no label)
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Joe Albanes – Guitar, vocals
Jeremy Rodgers – Bass guitar
Paul Verebely – Drums (and other stuff)

  1. Virgin’s Song
  2. Alies Song
  3. Dead Man’s – Bone to Pick
  4. What is a Picture?
  5. EX-Pose-Facto
  6. Don’t Be Fooled

Recorded live at “Believer’s Jam ‘92” Portsmouth, VA.

This is an early demo (that I didn’t know existed until just now) by Four Living Creates (using “4” instead of “Four” on this release). The cover indicates that this is “Demo II” – so there is at least one before this one. Also, the next demo that I know about is Dreams, Daughters, and Sons in 1994, so there could have been another demo or two after this one as well. This is still the same basic sound from their later releases – heavy alternative rock influenced by bands like L.S.U. and Scaterd Few – but a bit less polished. “What is a Picture?” and “EX-Pose-Facto” went on to be on Dreams, Daughters, and Sons as well. The cover listed songs #7-9 as “Space” – which I guess is just literal blank space. I couldn’t find a hidden song. But on side 2 (which was labeled as “BLANK” in big letters”) there are four songs of Christian death metal that I don’t recognize. Either the band is playing some joke songs (and doing a decent job of it) or these were the songs on the tape and this demo was “re-purposed” from another band’s demo (which was common). Interesting look at the beginning years of the band that ended up splitting to form Sweet Nectar and Elder.

One Reply to “4 Living Creatures – Live Demo (Hip, Hip!)”

  1. Hey! I was the drummer on that recording! Any chance of getting a copy? Or can you post it on YouTube and send me the links? I lost my recordings of that demo. I could probably even tell you who the Death Metal Bamd was on side two! Thanks!!!!


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