The Perfect Ending – Grains of Sand

The Perfect Ending
Grains of Sand
1993 (no label)
Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Matt Hyam – Vocals, guitars, harmonica
James White – Guitars, vocals, tambourine, guitar synth
Rowland Mynors – Electric & acoustic bass guitars, vocals
Adam Clark – Drums and percussion

Side 1:

  1. Precious
  2. Their Promises
  3. Rise Up
  4. Tears
  5. The Time Has Come

Side 2:

  1. Why Do You Run?
  2. Who is Man?
  3. Groove
  4. Freedom
  5. The Lonely Still Cry

I saw this tape for sale on eBay, but had no idea what it was. Did a quick search, and found it had been uploaded to as a free download (something I wish more bands would do). So what style is this? I wasn’t sure by the first two tracks – it might have been folk rock. But the third track rocks in with some mid-90s guitar-based alt rock. Overall, while there are many acoustic moments here, I believe that the main idea was to go for a bit more folky funky alt rock sound. If you know the 90s, you probably automatically get that. If you don’t, I might have just confused you. Think The Prayer Chain mixed with Raspberry Jam and early Jars of Clay in England instead of the U.S. The files also note this as a “1995 remix” that was “remastered to mp3” in 2008. Seems they have two other tapes uploaded as well – one earlier and one later than this one. I will be checking those out for sure.

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