Scottie Joel Cooper – X-Perimental Poetry

Scottie Joel Cooper
X-Perimental Poetry
1987 (no label)

Scottie Joel Cooper – Vocals, sounds

  1. U2’s “New Years Day”
  2. Under the Sun
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Let the Voices Flow Within Me

This is more experimental sounds and poetry from Scottie Joel Cooper of Dethdoor fame. This one is much shorter than the other one. It is basically Scottie singing U2’s “New Years Day,” a quick poem, then Scottie singing “Amazing Grace,” and then a longer track of rhythmic bells ringing, various noises, and spoken word/poetic interludes. It may be separate short poems with musical interludes, or the same longer poem with musical interlude between verses. Hard to tell. I put it as one track called “Let the Voices Flow Within Me” because that was the first line… but it also kind of fits the track as a whole. The two singing tracks seemed to have others at least present for the recording – if not contributing to the song, so there might be others involved on this recording as well. The second track I also took a guess at the name.

Missing Information: Some track names

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