Scottie Joel Cooper – Human Patrol

Scottie Joel Cooper
Human Patrol
1987 (no label)

  1. For God So Loved the World
  2. Let the Voices Flow Within Me
  3. Hellfire
  4. Come Into the Presence of the One
  5. When I Awoke This Morning
  6. Human Fear
  7. Shall the Voice of the Prophet Die
  8. Satisfaction Satisfaction
  9. Stand in the Gap
  10. There is Hope
  11. This Recording Brought to You By…
  12. A Storm Blows Across the Sky

This recording was on the back of the Dethdoor – Beyond Death master tape. It is an unreleased project by Cooper. Some of the songs here are covers of earlier ones. This tape is mostly spoken word, with some instruments, found noise, sound effects, and other sounds in the mix as well. There were no track titles with this tape, so I took a guess at the song titles. “Come Into the Presence of the One” is a new version of the track I called “Metaphysical” on his X-Perimental Poetry tape.

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