Ted Worthless – Serpents and Bones

Ted Worthless
Serpents and Bones
1988 Worthless Records (WR-035)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

All songs written and performed by Ted Worthless

Side 1:

  1. Where the Moon Rises
  2. Serpents and Bones
  3. Hard Rocks at Pier 3
  4. Ceiling Fan 4
  5. Naomi’s Song
  6. Marital Strife
  7. A Medley of Many Poems
  8. Pain #1
  9. Attention!

Side 2:

  1. Attention?
  2. Surf Death
  3. All Gods’ Children
  4. You Can’t Sleep in the Grass, The Snails Will Crawl on Your Face
  5. Calling
  6. Vapours
  7. Created Equal
  8. Thirteen
  9. The Man with the Patent Leather Soul
  10. 8:11-18
  11. I Don’t Want to Be Rich

This is the second demo by Ted Worthless (member of No Laughing Matter and the head person of Worthless Records). These songs are very indie and experimental – just look at the song titles for a clue of the strangeness contained here. This would all fit under the alternative banner, but the presence of electronic instruments might give it an industrial feel to some. The cover is actually full size sheet of paper folded down into a j-card – too big to upload here.

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