Damascus – Soon… The Doors Will Open

Soon… The Doors Will Open
1988 (no label)
Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA

Thomas McKeown – Vocals, keyboards, guitars
Marc Reich- Vocals, guitars
Cliff Zweibruck – Bass
David Cox – Drums, percussion

Side 1:

  1. Decisions
  2. Psalm Ad
  3. An Angel
  4. Reckless

Side 2:

  1. Lead Me On
  2. Blind Peace
  3. Something to Live For
  4. Still Waters
  5. Waves

This is the fourth and final demo by Damascus. Probably their tightest and most well-written demo of the four. The progressive rock and pomp rock are still here, with maybe a tad bit more shine. Fans of slightly more mainstream prog rock will probably enjoy this. The interesting thing about this demo is that it has more songs than any past demo, but all three songs from their first demo are re-recorded here. This includes what is probably one of their most metal-ish songs “Reckless.” It sounds even better here with improved production.

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