Face in the Crowd – Singing on the Narrow Ledge

Face in the Crowd
Singing on the Narrow Ledge
1986 Artaman
Cheshire, England United Kingdom

Russell Kirk – Instruments, tapes, effects, noise
Rupert Loydell – Instruments, tapes, effects, noise
Tim Hodgson – Instruments, tapes, effects, noise
Martin Hibbert – Taped flute and vocals

Recorded live February 1986

Side 1:

  1. At Least Six Years…
  2. …What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
  3. We Only Came to Dream
  4. Rotating Globes
  5. Singing on the Narrow Ledge
  6. Attempts at Connection
  7. Nameless Trees Flashed Past
  8. Poor Julia (She Grew Very Strange)
  9. Even Hate Has Some Truth in It

Side 2:

  1. Even Hate Contd.
  2. Power Chooses Its People

This one took a long time to convert to digital. The music is basically live improvisational music, kind of along the lines of White Trash, Inc. Or maybe not – I am not totally familiar with this type of music. That is the closest that I am familiar with. Eventually, I was able to find cassette clicks where the various songs ended and finally made the individual songs. Many of them are named after quotes or samples that are played during the songs. There are instruments played on here, plus found noise and samples as well. Each side is over 47 minutes long – with the last song clocking in at over 33 minutes. I can take White Trash , Inc. on a 7-inch for a short amount of time, but this really pushed my attention span. It probably works better as background or meditation music.

One Reply to “Face in the Crowd – Singing on the Narrow Ledge”

  1. Hi, this is Rupert from Face in the Crowd. Is there any way I can get a copy of your digitized tape? Out old master tapes are pretty unusable/unsalvageable, so it would be good to get hold of even MP3s.

    Ther are some old Face in the Crowd songs with newer videos here:

    By the way, the ‘band’ was just Russell and I, and we played rock as well as improvisation, with various friends and musicians.


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