Martha’s Wake – Romans (demo)

Martha’s Wake
199? (no label)
Denver, Colorado, USA

Leah Carson – Vocals
Lori Carter – Backup vocals and flute
Drew Collins – Drums
Jon Nichols – Guitar
Melody Nichols – Bass and back-up vocals
J.W. Penzien – Keyboards

Side 1:

  1. Burn Out
  2. Lament of Planet Earth
  3. Just Like Me

Side 2:

  1. Righteous Man
  2. Scarlet Letter
  3. Café Moderato

I recently discovered Martha’s Wake when I got a copy of their excellent 1998 full-length Time and Elements. They had a very eclectic mix of metal, progressive, gothic, and alternative music that stayed pretty original. I tracked down their other albums – Coloring China and Romans. Both are also very good, but they are obviously moving up to Time & Elements. The weird thing is that the Romans full-length CD has 10 songs on it – the six listed above and four others, all in different order. I don’t know if this is pre-release, an earlier demo that was expanded to full-length by adding four new songs, or a completely different recording of the same songs. There is no date on this demo. It looks like Lori married J.W. sometime between this demo and the CD, though. But I still like the music a lot. Songs like “Lament of Planet Earth” are really catchy and almost straight up 90s alternative… but then they start mixing in touches of progressive metal here and there.

Missing Information: what date was this recorded, and how does it relate to the full length CD?

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