Martyr – Death is Dead

Death is Dead
1987 (no label)
Van Nuys, California, USA

David Prado, Jr – Lead vocals, bass guitar
Mark Johnson – Lead guitar, BGVs
L.D. Maples – Rhythm guitar
Davey Mowry – Drums

  1. KDA
  2. Golgotha
  3. Get Christ in You
  4. Bad P.R.
  5. False Prophets
  6. True Love
  7. KKK
  8. No Goats
  9. Death is Dead

Early thrash metal from a band that many think was the original version of Betrayal. But that is not really true. After this demo, Marcus Cohen joined the band for two demos, and then went on to form Betrayal with the drummer and guitarist of the last line-up of Martyr (it changed on each demo). But this line-up of Martyr did not last beyond this demo, as it seems only David makes it to the next recording. Still, this is top level thrash with some crossover tendencies (most songs are 2 minutes or less except for one). All of the songs here except for “Get Christ in You” and “Death is Dead” made it on to the 1993 compilation Wickenstraut.

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