Metal Angel – 5-Song Demo

Metal Angel
5-Song Demo
1989 (no label)
Medina, Ohio, USA

Steve Shurance

  1. Rock for the Real Rock
  2. Follow the Messiah
  3. Fight Back
  4. In Jesus’ Name
  5. Let’s All Praise God

This is another demo by Metal Angel – just not sure if it was before or after the other one. This one takes the 3 songs from the other demo and adds two more (or is it that the other one takes two songs away from this demo? The world may never know….). The two additional songs on this demo fit in well with the three from the other demo. The three songs from the other demo sound to be pretty much the same versions – even the exact same recordings. This is one of those bands that probably could have gone further if they had gotten some more attention/exposure/lucky breaks.

Missing Information: who was in the band?

One Reply to “Metal Angel – 5-Song Demo”

  1. The only person I can remember is Steve Surrance or Shurrance he was the Bass Player. Lost touch after moving then going into hiatus.. My favorite song they did and is not on either tape is Destroyer


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